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    Is antiviral therapy for acute, localized herpes zoster safe and effective? [1]
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    Is biofeedback an effective treatment for tension headaches in adults? [1]
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    Is Botswana's economic success story partially explained by its stock exchange? [abstract] [1]
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    Is calcitonin useful for reducing pain of acute osteoporotic fracture? [1]
    Is calcitonin useful for reducing the pain of acute osteoporotic fractures? [1]
    Is capsaicin effective for neuropathic pain? [1]
    Is China the Market for Genetically Modified Potatoes? [1]
    Is cinnamon effective for reducing blood glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes? [1]
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    Is clopidogrel plus aspirin superior to aspirin alone for primary prevention of cardiovascular outcomes among patients with multiple risk factors? [1]