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    Effects of regeneration harvests on stand development and oak (Quercus spp.) regeneration through 15 years in bottomland hardwood forests of Northern Missouri
    The effects of regular tanning bed use and increased vitamin D status on bone mineral density and serum inflammatory markers in healthy women
    Effects of riparian buffer width on stream salamander populations in the southern Appalachian Mountains
    Effects of RNAi on SAUR gene expression [abstract]
    The effects of scale and information distribution on group decision-making processes and outcomes
    Effects of Selected Contaminants on the Physical, Chemical, and Geotechnical Properties of Aquifer Solid
    Effects of selected surfactants on nutrient uptake and soil microbial community
    Effects of self-explanation as causal mechanism elicitation methodology on causal reasoning task performance
    The effects of sensitization on habituation using the olfactory jump reflex in Drosophila
    The effects of sex and ovarian hormones on arterial baroreflex control of blood pressure in humans
    Effects of Shade and Predation on Survival and Growth of Larval Gray Treefrogs (Hyla Veriscolor) [abstract]
    Effects of shade and predation on survival and growth of larval gray treefrogs (hyla versicolor) [abstract]
    The effects of silvicultural treatments on oak height and basal diameter growth and oak regeneration abundance following a woody biomass removal during harvest in the Missouri Ozarks
    Effects of socioeconomics on European starling (Sturnus vulgaris) abundance in Baltimore, Maryland
    Effects of soy protein isolate and milk protein isolate on metabolic health and bone outcomes in sedentary, adolescent male OLETF rats
    Effects of Soy Protein-Based Formula in Full-Term Infants
    Effects of spatial subsidies and canopy cover on pond communities and multiple life stages in amphibians
    Effects of spin current in ferromagnets
    Effects of statins on metabolic adaptations to aerobic exercise training: preliminary findings [abstract]
    The effects of stereotype threat on the associative memory deficit of older adults