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    Electronic viscosity in a quantum well: A test for the local-density approximation
    Electronic zero-point oscillations in the strong-interaction limit of density functional theory
    Electronic, Optical, Structural, and Elastic Properties of MAX Phases and (Cr2Hf)2Al3C3
    Electrophoretic deposition of graphene enhanced aluminum and bismuth trioxide nanothermite thin films
    Electrospinning collagen and hyaluronic acid nanofiber meshes
    Electrospinning of sulfobetaine methacrylate nanofibers
    Electrospinning polyampholyte nanofiber membranes
    Electrostatically actuated and bi-stable MEMS structures
    Elegit Domum sibi Placabilem: Choice and the Twelfth-Century Religious Woman
    Elemental concentration changes in soil and stockpiled tall fescue leaves after liming
    Elementary agriculture for city high schools
    Elementary high school biology
    The Elementary Instrumental Music Exploratory Program
    Elementary Latin pedagogy in University Model Schools [abstract]
    Elementary principals as developers vs. deliverers of district instructional decisions
    Elementary school children ages -- 6 to 8
    Elementary school children ages -- 9 to 12
    Elementary school teacher knowledge of sheltered instruction methodology in service to English language learners: a multi-case study
    Elementary Teacher Perceptions of Math Professional Development on Mathematics Instruction
    Elementary Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Teaching the Nature of Science: An examination of Teachers Who are Effective in Improving their Students' Views