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    Effects of front and bottom texturings on gallium arsenide solar cell characteristics
    The effects of furosemide on ureteral diameter and attenuation using computed tomographic excretory urography in normal healthy dogs
    Effects of gamification on self efficacy and persistence in virtual world familiarization
    The effects of gamification on self-efficacy and persistence in virtual world familiarization
    The effects of gender, academic concerns, and social support on stress for international students
    Effects of growth and environmental temperature on surface temperatures of beef calves.
    The Effects of HB1519 Funding on Early Childhood Programs
    Effects of heat stress and fescue toxicosis on the immune system and other physiological parameters
    Effects of heat stress on reproduction and productivity of primiparous sows and their piglets' performance
    Effects of heat stress on thermoregulation, reproduction and performance of different parity sows
    Effects of heating menstrua, spore age, and suspension preparation on the heat activation of Bacillus coagulans spores.
    The effects of high dose vitamin D supplementation on glucose metabolism and inflammation in obese adolescents
    Effects of high fat loading on substrate utilization and performance during intermittent exercise in trained athletes
    Effects of high-fat diet withdrawal on behavior and striatal opioid gene expression [abstract]
    The effects of histone acetylation on the maize allele PL1-blotched
    The effects of hydrocolloids and squash on the texture and color of scones with reduced fat
    Effects of hydrostatic pressure on the low-temperature photoluminescence spectrum of heavily doped CdS
    The Effects of Hypnosis on Acute Pain Among Adolescents Undergoing Surgical Pectus Excavatum Repair
    The effects of increased corn-ethanol production on U.S. natural gas prices
    The Effects of Increasing Hispanic Presence on Cultural and Educational Interaction in Monett, Mo.