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    Integration Features in the Development of Software Product Line Architecture
    The integration of arts-based instruction : creative pathways to learning
    Integration of Biomedical and Psychosocial Management
    Integration of Cauliflower mosaic virus into the genome of Arabidopsis thaliana through homologous recombination [abstract]
    Integration of cultural practices and herbicide-resistant crop technologies for the management of glyphosate-resistant waterhemp in soybean
    Integration of exercise sciences research: Achieving a balance between reductionist versus integrative approaches
    Integration of NOS Instruction into a Physical Science Content Course for Elementary Teachers: Enhancing Efforts of Teacher Education Programs?
    Integration of Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles with Renewable Sources of Energy [abstract]
    Integration of programmable robotic arm with engineered nanopore [abstract]
    Integration of single-cell electropermeabilization together with electrochemical measurement of quantal exocytosis on microchips
    An integrative approach to study the safety issues of food products imported from China
    Integrative Medicine (Evidence-Based Practice)
    Integrative Medicine (Evidence-Based Practice);v. 18, no. 9
    Integrin regulation of beta-catenin signaling in ovarian carcinoma [abstract]
    Integrin-linked kinase: a potential player in ovarian cancer metastesis [abstract]
    Integumentary system
    Intellectual property protection, biotechnology and developing countries: will the trips be effective?
    Intellectual Property Rights and Concentration in Agricultural Biotechnology
    Intellectual Property Rights in a Changing Political Environment: Perspectives on the Types and Administration of Protection