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    The effect of high temperature steam on a nickel-chromium-iron alloy
    Effect of Higher Energy Prices from H.R. 2454 on Missouri Crop Production Costs
    The effect of HIV-1 Tat and methamphetamine on expression of cytokines/chemokines and synaptic genes: Implications in HIV neuroAIDS
    Effect of holding temperature on hatchability of chicken eggs
    Effect of holding temperatures on hatchability of eggs
    The effect of homogenization at different pressures on the physical properties of an ice cream mixture and the resulting ice cream
    Effect of humidity and turning of eggs before incubation on hatching results
    Effect of humidity on insensible weight loss, total vaporized moisture, and surface temperature in cattle.
    Effect of humidity on milk production and composition, feed and water consumption, and body weight in cattle.
    Effect of humidity on total room heat and vapor dissipation of Holstein cows at 65, 80 and 90 degrees F.
    Effect of hydrogen in the crystallization of amorphous silicon carbide for betavoltaic fabrication [abstract]
    Effect of immediate post-harvest freezing conditions and storage temperature on the composition of Norton grapes
    The Effect of Improvisation in Given Rhythms on Rhythmic Accuracy in Sight Reading Achievement by Beginning College Group Piano Students
    The effect of inadequate rations on the composition of the blood and of the bone of chicks
    Effect of increasing live weight from 220 to 300 pounds on pork carcass characteristics
    Effect of increasing temperatures, 65 degrees to 95 degrees F., on the reflection of visible radiation from the hair of Brown Swiss and Brahman cows.
    Effect of increasing trimethylamine and organic matter concentration on stable carbon isotopes of methane produced in hypersaline, substrate limited environments
    The effect of Jumbotron advertising on the experience of attending major league baseball games
    Effect of lactation on blood progesterone concentrations in dairy cattle [abstract]
    The effect of lactation on growth