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    Is Fluoxetine an Effective Therapy for Weight Loss in Obese Patients? [1]
    Is folate supplementation an effective adjunctive therapy for patients with depression taking a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI)? [1]
    Is folate supplementation indicated for patients with CAD? [1]
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    Is garlic effective in lowering lipid levels? [1]
    Is guaifenesin safe during pregnancy? [1]
    Is guaifenesin with codeine effective for reducing cough associated with acute upper respiratory infections in adults? [1]
    Is Halloween over yet? [1]
    Is heparin infusion or subcutaneous LMWH better for treating patients with DVT/PE? [1]
    Is herpes zoster vaccine safe and effective for preventing zoster and postherpetic neuralgia? [1]
    Is high-dose oral B12 a safe and effective alternative to a B12 injection? [1]
    Is humidified air helpful in the management of croup in children? [1]
    Is hyperbaric oxygen therapy effective for treating chronic venous stasis ulcers? [1]
    Is immediate IUD insertion after childbirth effective and safe? [1]
    Is immediate-release topiramate an effective treatment for adult obesity? [1]
    Is increased fall risk a significant predictor of major bleeding events in patients on warfarin? [1]
    Is induction of labor indicated for suspected fetal macrosomia? [2]
    Is inhaled cannabis an effective treatment for chronic neuropathic pain? [1]
    Is inhaled insulin a safe and effective alternative for patients who need insulin? [1]
    Is insulin glargine or detemir better for lowering HbA1c in patients with type 2 diabetes? [1]