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    The Effects of Altruism Education on Middle School Students’ Attitudes Toward Victims of Bullying and Intent to Prosocially Intervene
    Effects of amending a gravel based growing medium with calcined clay on medium physical properties and growth of Gymnocladus dioicus seedlings
    The effects of an 8-week low-intensity exercise program on people with arthritis
    The effects of an acute bout of eccentric, concentric, and traditional resistance exercise on adiponectin concentrations
    The effects of an antiseritonergic drug and antihistamine in an experimental model of feline asthma
    The effects of an mGluR7 agonist, AMN082, on conditioned taste aversion
    The effects of aneuploidy on gene expression in a dosage series of maize chromosome arm 1L
    The effects of animated agents with verbal audio on mathematics comprehension and attitudes towards mathematics and computers
    The effects of anxiety and depression on the academic achievement of African American youth [abstract]
    The effects of approach-avoidance behaviors on goal appraisals
    The effects of arousing video on attention and memory for attack vs. non-attack political advertisements
    Effects of Artemisia afra and Artemisia absinthium on fertility of male mice exposed to increased ambient temperatures for 24 hours
    The effects of audit committee financial expertise on auditor changes and subsequent audit quality
    Effects of axotomy on calcium influx in reticulospinal neurons of larval lamprey [abstract]
    The effects of axotomy on the biophysical properties of reticulospinal neurons in larval lamprey
    Effects of B cells as antigen presenting cells on T cell memory development [abstract]
    The Effects of Background on the Color Behavior of Anolis Carolinensis (Cuv.)
    Effects of beta-adrenergic antagonism in autism spectrum disorder
    Effects of beta-blockers on exercise in the geriatric population [abstract]
    Effects of better selection of crops and pastures on farm income in Missouri