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    Is 2d:4d a Stable Trait during Child Development?
    Is a carotid bruit a good predictor of underlying carotid stenosis in an asymptomatic person?
    Is a D-dimer test useful in predicting future clot development after completion of vitamin K antagonist therapy for an unprovoked PE or DVT?
    Is a history of superficial thrombophlebitis a contraindication to the use of estrogen replacement therapy (ERT)?
    Is a period of inactivity required to safely manage patients with a newly diagnosed DVT?
    Is a picture really worth a thousand words? [abstract]
    Is a single dose of oral ondansetron effective in reducing rates of intravenous rehydration in children with gastroenteritis?
    Is a structured exercise program as effective as arthroscopic surgery for decreasing the pain of nontraumatic meniscal injuries?
    Is a test of cure necessary after completing therapy for Helicobacter pylori?
    Is accuracy in fertility detection mediated by differences in the mate value of the rater and target?
    Is acupuncture an effective treatment for generalized anxiety disorder?
    Is acupuncture effective for insomnia?
    Is acupuncture effective for treatment of alcohol, opiate, and cocaine abuse?
    Is acupuncture effective for treatment of chronic low-back pain?
    Is acupuncture effective therapy for depression?
    Is acupuncture effective therapy for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)?
    Is acupuncture effective therapy for irritable bowel syndrome?
    Is acupuncture safe and effective for smoking cessation?
    Is aflatoxin accumulation a response to increased reactive oxygen species? [abstract]
    Is Agricultural Biotechnology Part of Sustainable Agriculture? Different Views in Switzerland and New Zealand