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    KidTools Support System: Design and Formative Evaluation - An Iterative Process
    The killing of plant tissue by low temperature
    Killing them with kindness: a meso-dialectical study of the conceptual formation of humane and inhumane in the no-kill animal shelter movement
    Kin and community: tradition maintenance and the economic self-sufficiency of refugees in a Midwestern town
    Kinase-interacting FHA domain of kinase associated protein phosphatase: phosphopeptide interactions and NMR-detected dynamics
    Kindergarten nutrition education newsletter
    Kinematic analysis of cam profiles used in compound bows
    Kinematic, dynamic and accuracy reliability analysis of 6 degree-of-freedom robotic arm
    Kinematic, dynamic and accuracy reliablity analysis of 6 degree-of-freedom robotic arm
    Kinetic energy flux associated wiht natural and simulated rainfall events and instrumentation used in the evaluation
    A kinetic study of active site mutations in GDP-mannose dehydrogenase
    Kinetics and mechanism of protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B inactivation by Acrolein
    Kinetics of anaerobic digestion of selected C1 to C4 organic acids
    Kinetics of monocytotropic Ehrlichia infections, new insights from large animal models
    The kinetics of non-catalyzed supercritical water reforming of ethanol
    Kinetics vs. equilibrium binding: Determining the mechanism of transcriptional activation of Polymerase II
    King Arthur and his part in the breaking of the Round Table
    "The kingdom of the English is of God": the effects of the Norman conquest on the cult of the saints in England
    "Kiss today goodbye, and point me toward tomorrow": reviving the time-bound musical, 1968-1975