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    Investigation of K₀ NAA at MURR and investigation of the toenail as a biomonitor for Mg, Zn, Cu, Se and Hg
    Investigation of load transfer models for recycled plastic reinforcement for slope stabilization
    An investigation of maize B chromosome-derived minichromosomes
    Investigation of materials and convection for lithium sulfur batteries
    An investigation of mentor and program characteristics associated with mentor perception of relationship quality
    An investigation of nonlinear tip-sample force models for nanoindentation
    Investigation of plasmaion vapor deposition (IVD) hybrid coatings for corrosion protection and plasma destruction of oral bacteria
    Investigation of polarimetric coherence optimization in persistent scatterer interferometry
    Investigation of Radiation Effects in Water Solutions During Exposure with Laser or LEDs Light
    Investigation of resistance to Heterodera glycines (scn) in soybean plant introductions (pi) 467312 and 507354
    Investigation of static interfacial fracture in orthotropic-orthotropic composite bimaterials using photoelasticity
    Investigation of strength of a hybrid adhesive anchor system used in precast concrete welded repair applications subjected to tensile and eccentric shear loading
    An investigation of student perceptions of dual enrollment at a mid-sized western community college
    Investigation of supercritical fluids for use in biomass processing & carbon recycling
    An investigation of support programs for college students with high functioning autism or Asperger syndrome
    Investigation of the "unit cell" concept for air-to-liquid heat exchanger research and development
    Investigation of the accuracy of Grover's method when solving for the mutual inductance of two single-layer coaxial coils
    Investigation of the biological role of the polycystic kidney disease protein bicaudal C (Bicc1) using comparative animal models
    An investigation of the country church in Missouri
    An investigation of the drying properties of the lead, manganese, and cobalt soaps of tung oil