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    Effects of topical fluoride prophylactic agents on the mechanical properties of orthodontic nickel-titanium closed coil springs
    Effects of Topical Fluoride Prophylactic Agents on the Mechanical Properties of Orthodontic Nickel-Titanium Closed Coil Springs and Stainless Steel Closed Coil Springs
    Effects of Transportation, Handling and Environment on Slaughter Cattle. I. Weight Loss and Carcass Yield
    The Effects of Trauma on Emotion Regulation and Skin Conductance Level
    Effects of treprostinil sodium in a monocrotaline-induced rat model of pulmonary hypertension
    Effects of Turbid Media Optical Properties on Object Visibility in Subsurface Polarization Imaging
    Effects of Urban Expansion on Ownership, Use and Taxation of Agricultural Land
    The effects of utilizing silica fume in Portland cement pervious concrete
    Effects of Variations in the Amounts of Vitamin B and Protein in the Ration
    The effects of various planes of nutrition upon the cost of maintenance, reproduction, and development of beef cows
    Effects of varying degrees of tobacco restrictions and messgage framing on college students' psychological reactance and attitudes toward tobacco-free campus policies
    The effects of varying levels of object change on explicit and implicit memory for brand messages within advergames
    Effects of veterinary antibiotics on atrazine degradation in soil
    The effects of videographics and information delivery style on attention and recognition in direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising
    The effects of visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on adjustment to bereavement
    The effects of volatiles on the viscosity and heat capacity of calc-alkaline basaltic and basaltic andesite liquids
    Effects of voluntary running on brain mitochondrial biogenesis in rats selectively bred to run high and low nightly distances
    The Effects of Wartime Measures on Cotton Dress Fabrics
    Effects of washings and treatments on the usefulness of hair as a biomarker
    Effects of water pH on the stability of pesticides