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    Energy cost of horizontal walking cattle and horses of various ages and body weights.
    Energy Education Park at the Graves Chapple Research Farm [abstract]
    Energy efficiel1cy of major appliances
    Energy efficiency and farm water systems
    An Energy Efficient Addressing Scheme For a Static Wireless Sensor Network
    Energy efficient multi-target tracking in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
    Energy Efficient Resource Allocation for Virtual Network Services with Dynamic Workload in Cloud Data Centers
    Energy from unlikely sources : MU Power Plant's road to sustainability
    Energy increment of standing over lying and the cost of getting up and lying down in growing ruminants (cattle and sheep) : comparison of pulse rate, respiration rate, tidal air, and minute volume of pulmonary ventilation during lying and standing.
    Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007: Preliminary Evaluation of Selected Provisions
    Energy Infrastructure Development Breakout Panel
    Energy management checklist for the home
    Energy Materials: Meeting the Challenge
    Energy metabolism and cardiorespiratory activities in Shorthorn, Santa Gertrudis, and Brahman heifers during growth at 50 and 80 degrees F temperature.
    Energy metabolism and related thermoregulatory reactions in Brown Swiss, Holstein, and Jersey calves during growth at 50 degrees and 80 degrees F temperatures.
    Energy metabolism and related thermoregulatory reactions to thermal stress in 50 degrees and 80 degrees acclimated dairy heifers.
    Energy metabolism and uranium (VI) reduction by Desulfovibrio
    Energy Minimization of Portable Video Communication Devices Based on Power-Rate-Distortion Optimization
    Energy price uncertainty, energy intensity and firm-level investment
    Energy quiz for home appliances