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    Evaluating Economic and Environmental Benefits of Soil and Water Conservation Measures Applied in Missouri
    Evaluating flood tolerance measures for Missouri oak species
    Evaluating removal of nutrients, volatile organic compounds, and nicotine by bioretention soil mixtures with biochar amendment
    Evaluating Tax Systems
    Evaluating the appropriateness of electronic information resources for learning in pre-clerkship medical education : an eye tracking study
    Evaluating the Contract Swine Finishing Opportunity
    Evaluating the effectiveness of the core content of the incredible years with and without visual performance feedback for parents of children with autism
    Evaluating the Effects of Endocrine Disruptors on Endocrine Function during Development
    Evaluating the effects of performance feedback using the direct behavior rating-classroom management (DBR-CM) on teacher classroom management behavior
    Evaluating the efficiency of dairy cattle
    Evaluating the engaged institution: the conceptualizations and discourses of engagement
    Evaluating the gains associated with biotechnological improvement: the case of kiwifruit in New Zealand
    Evaluating the impact of PerformanceStat: a case study of the City of Baltimore's CitiStat Program
    Evaluating the insect fauna on Missouri native wildflowers and selected cultivars
    Evaluating the long-term impact of youth interventions on antisocial behavior: an integrative review and analysis
    Evaluating the Outcomes of a Concept-Based Curriculum in an Associate Degree Nursing Program
    Evaluating the quality and efficacy of care provided by extended care permit dental hygienists in a school based dental home
    Evaluating the relationship between leaf nitrogen concentration and chlorophyll content in five oak species [abstract]
    Evaluating the relationship between leaf nitrogen concentration and Minolta SPAD-502 meter readings [abstract]
    Evaluating the suitability of the human toenail as a biomonitor for manganese status: the one source cohort