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    Improved Teaching Through Audio-Visual Aids
    Improvement in stored forage utilization during feeding
    Improvement of agrobacterium-mediated T-DNA transfer in soybean (glycine max) [abstract]
    Improvement of Biochemistry 2002 through experimental modification and organization of course materials
    Improvement of decoding engine & phonetic decision tree in acoustic modeling for online large vocabulary conversational speech recognition
    Improvement of feed efficiency in beef cattle through selection upon residual feed intake (RFI)
    Improving bonding strength of mild self-etching adhesive to ground and intact enamel by plasma treatment
    Improving communication between international and U.S. students at MU [abstract]
    Improving crop nitrogen response and production [abstract]
    Improving Enforcement of Protection Orders in Domestic Violence Situations
    Improving fiber by-product utilization in high concentrate diets
    Improving fire resistance of farm buildings
    Improving fracture toughness in slip-cast alumina [abstract]
    Improving habitats for wildlife in your backyard and neighborhood
    Improving lawn and landscape soils
    Improving Mathematics Education in Missouri: There are no silver bullets
    Improving Medication Adherence in Patients with Comorbidities
    Improving Missouri's Bottom Line: The Significant Economic Impact of Early Childhood Programs
    Improving mouse-DMH screening capability by adding 2000 mouse CpG islands
    Improving patient care and provider efficiency with innovative tools within the electronic medical record [abstract]