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    Leadership Speaker Series: Be Inspired
    Leadership support through the transition to to [sic] standards basd grading
    Leadership, communication, and teamwork: differences between high and low performing nursing homes
    Leading change in staff recognition and professional development
    Leading in the Mississippi Delta: an exploratory study of race, class and gender
    Learned Ignorance about Africa among college students [abstract]
    Learning potential in persons with serious mental illness: investigating intra-individual differences in the learning process
    Learning probability with Fathom
    Learning styles and online participation of practicing teachers in an online support group: a mixed method study of the influence of learning styles on online participation, conceptual change, and perceptions of problem solving and support
    Learning the 'Grammar of Science': The Influence of a Physical Science Content Course on K-8 Teachers' Understanding of the Nature of Science and Inquiry
    Learning to notice and teach English language learners in the elementary mathematics classroom: a case of four teachers
    Learning trajectories related to bivariate data in contemporary high school mathematics textbook series in the United States
    Leasing Farm Equipment
    Leather yoghurt: suspicion of exotic food and the Chinese government’s crisis of faith
    Leaving Los Angeles
    The Lecha Dodi chant for Rosh Hashana Shabat: A Study of its Mystical Qualities
    Lectin affinity binding of pseudononas aeruginosa with polyacrylamide neoglycoconjugates [abstract]
    Lectin labeling and morphological analysis of Hamster M cells [abstract]
    Lectin-like receptor kinases in Arabidopsis Thaliana [abstract]
    Lee Ester News Fellowship. How audience habits should influence the development of radio station web sites: A case study of Wisconsin public radio