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    Are dietary modifications effective for preventing gout attacks?
    Are diuretics effective for idiopathic lymphedema?
    Are diuretics safe and effective for lymphedema?
    Are DMARDs effective for rheumatologic diseases besides rheumatoid arthritis?
    Are drug therapies effective in treating Bell's palsy?
    Are Environmental Levels of Bisphenol A Associated with Reproductive Function in Fertile Men?
    Are episodic memory deficits in old age mediated by sensory loss? Investigating the Associative Deficit [abstract]
    Are Farmers of the Middle Distinctively “Good Stewards?” Evidence from the Missouri Farm Poll, 2006
    Are fish oil supplements as effective as gemfibrozil for decreasing elevated triglyceride levels?
    Are fish oil supplements as effective as gemfibrozil for decreasing elevated triglycerides?
    Are group visits effective for the treatment of obesity?
    Are H2 blockers effective for the treatment of verruca vulgaris?
    Are Happy People Ethical People? Evidence from North America and Europe
    Are Hedonic Second-Stage Characteristic Demand Reflective of Actual Characteristic Demands?
    Are hypertonic saline nebulizer treatments effective for inpatient treatment of bronchiolitis?
    Are inhaled corticosteroids effective for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?
    Are inhaled steroids effective for a postviral cough?
    Are inhaled steroids effective in treating a postviral cough?
    Are inhalers with spacers better than nebulizers for children with asthma?
    Are insoles effective in preventing or treating back pain?