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    Alternative systems of farming for a medium-size farm in central Missouri
    Alternative tillage and nitrogen management options to increase crop production and reduce nitrous oxide emissions from claypan soils
    An alternative to oral NSAIDs for acute musculoskeletal injuries
    An alternative to research, develop and deliver : rural development in Missouri as a case in point
    An alternative to warfarin for patients with PE
    Alternative transcripts of the RPS4 resistance gene in Arabidopsis: Do they produce truncated proteins?
    Alternative translation and alternative RNA processing mechanism in parvovirus RNA processing
    Alternatively certified and traditionally certified secondary school mathematics teachers' student success on the Missouri Assessment Program
    Alternatively certified mathematics teachers: factors that contribute to changes in instruction over time
    Alternatively certified teacher induction : an examination of current practice in Souteast Missouri
    Alternatively certified teacher induction: an examination of current practice in Southeast Missouri
    Altmetrics: A look at a moving target...
    Aluminim nitride vacuum ultraviolet photodiode [abstract]
    Alumni of the School of Medicine: a directory of the graduates and former students of the School of Medicine, University of Missouri
    Alumni social mobility and giving to their Alma Mater
    Always beautiful produce
    Alzheimer's disease and cell death: A better understanding [abstract]
    Am Donaustrande
    Am Gesteine rauscht
    Ambiguity, uncertainty, and othering: a queer phenomenology of the organizational socialization of sexuality