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    L'Auguste Autrichienne : representations of Marie-Antoinette in 19th century French literature and history
    l'Ecorce grossiere, l'ame aristocrate : literary representations of Cajuns in Francophone Louisiana, nineteenth century to present
    L-NAME treatment in pigs
    La France au bord de l’Amérique (France on the edge of America): Saint Pierre and Miquelon in the Twentieth Century
    La fratricida por amor: A Sixteenth-Century Spanish Ballad in the Modern Oral Tradition
    La maja dolorosa
    La poesia testimonial Womanista de Excilia Saldaña, Nancy Morejón y Georgina Herrera
    La Redéfinition de l'identité féminine : les publicités pour les appareils modernes en France après la deuxième mondiale
    La representación de la literatura indigenista e indígena en dos obras Colombianas: José Tombé de Diego Castrillón Arboleda y En Defensa de mi Raza de Manuel Quintín Lame
    La Voz : Latinos engaging for family and community advocacy : process and development framework
    Lab to market
    Labeling and purification studies on cancer targeting DOTA-TATE labeled with radiolanthanides
    Labeling Genetically Engineered Food: The Consumer's Right to Know?
    Labeling Genetically Modified Foods: How Do US Consumers Want to See It Done?
    Labeling GM food in India: anticipating the effects on GM brinjal and rice marketing chains
    Labeling HIV-1 nucleic acids during infection and effect of MOV10 in HBV replication
    The Labeling of GM Foods-The Link Between Codex and the WTO
    Labeling policy for GMOs: to each his own?
    A labor allocation model for zone order picking systems
    The labor of action for the operation of truth : the phenomenology and dramatic Platonism of Meisner technique as refined and extended by William Esper