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    Ga-Ga over 68Ga: Novel chelates for PET heart imaging [abstract]
    GABP regulation of the murine GABPa/ATPsynthase coupling factor six and human glutathione reductase promoters
    Gaekwad's oriental series;150
    Gaining perspective: an examination of the short- and long-term effectiveness and helpfulness of the University of Missouri McNair Scholars Program
    Gaining understanding of South African traditional helers' management of lymphedema following breast cancer treatment: building a foundation for a synergistic model of best practices [abstract]
    GAL1-SceI directed site-specific genomic (gsSSG) mutagenesis: a method for precisely targeting point mutations in S. cerevisiae.
    Galdos : the early historical novels
    Galilean moon tour using simplified trajectory computational techniques
    Galileo's play
    Game violence, game difficulty, and 2D:4D digit ratio as predictors of aggressive behavior
    Games leaders play: renegade regimes and international crises
    Games of information: informational and normative influences of media structures on the likelihood of militarized interstate disputes
    Gamma/gamma coincidence suppression system for detecting mercury
    Gandharan Sculpture: A catalogue of the collection in the Museum of Art and Archaeology University of Missouri--Columbia
    Gao Brothers' Execution of Christ: visual lexicon transcending culture, time, and place
    Garden music
    Gardiner C. Means and the 1980s Shareholders' Attempted Revolution
    Garifuna: the birth and rise of an identity through contact langugage and contact culture