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    Gaekwad's oriental series;150 [1]
    Gaining perspective: an examination of the short- and long-term effectiveness and helpfulness of the University of Missouri McNair Scholars Program [1]
    GAL1-SceI directed site-specific genomic (gsSSG) mutagenesis: a method for precisely targeting point mutations in S. cerevisiae. [1]
    Gandharan Sculpture: A catalogue of the collection in the Museum of Art and Archaeology University of Missouri--Columbia [1]
    GAP [1]
    Gardiner C. Means and the 1980s Shareholders' Attempted Revolution [1]
    Gas Adsorption on Highly-purified Magnesium Oxide [1]
    Gas pumping efect from dielectrophoretically driven liquid droplet in a closed microfluidic channel [1]
    Gas pumping effect from dielectrophoretically driven liquid droplet in a closed microfluidic channel [1]
    Gasconade County Census Tract & Voting District Maps [1]
    Gay fathers' coparenting experiences with ex-wives [1]
    GBIR crosstalk reduction of fully polarimetric data from Blue Springs Dam [1]
    Gender and racestyle coverage in the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries [1]
    Gender Equality?: A Transnational Feminist Analysis of the UN HeForShe Campaign as a Global "Solidarity" Movement for Men [1]
    Gender inequality and four generation of women's education in a rural Chinese village [1]
    Gender Perceptions: A Narratological, Social Constructivist, Case Study of the Literacy Experiences of Urban African American Male Elementary Students [1]
    Gender role conflict, problem-solving appraisal, and the psychological functioning of firefighters [1]
    Gendered and classed stereotyping: the effects of viewing Teen Mom [1]
    Gene Expression-Based Glioma Classification Using Hierarchical Bayesian Vector Machines [1]