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    I Bought Me a Cat
    “I Cannot Rule Myself” The Pitfalls of Sensibility in Mary Shelley's The Last Man
    I consign her wretched walk, her words, deeds, and evil talk: erotic magic and women in the ancient Greco-Roman world
    I Found it at the Library
    "I know it looks like I'm leaving, but I'm not leaving you": nonresidential father identities after divorce
    I Love that It Takes You an Hour and a Half to Order a Sandwich
    "I was sick and you visited me": the hospital of Saint John in Brussels and its patrons
    I'd rather beg for forgiveness than ask for permission: sexuality education teachers' identities and agency in the classroom
    I'm White and I'm Mennonite
    I. Structure-Activity Relationship Studies of 6,7-Annulated-5-Substituted Libraries. II. Current Efforts Towards The Synthesis of 4-Azaindole Aryne Precursors
    I. Studies with red clover seed as related to color. II. Studies with the impurities found in red clover and alfalfa seed
    The IAU 2000 resolutions for astrometry, celestial mechanics and metrology in the relativistic framework: explanatory supplement
    ICCF 18 Poster Index
    ICCF 18 Statistics July 26, 2013
    ICCF-18 Post Conference Workshop
    ICCF-18 Program Overview
    Ice and cold application for musculoskeletal soft-tissue trauma
    Ice and Freeze Damage to Ornamental and Fruit Trees: Implications and Remediation
    Ice chemistry in embedded young stellar objects in the Large Magellanic Cloud
    ICP-MS analysis of fission product diffusion in graphite for high-temperature gas-cooled reactors