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    N/P ratio in the PEI2-GNP-DNA complex affects transgene delivery in the human cornea in vitro [1]
    Nahandove [1]
    Naive Bayes Algorithm For Twitter Sentiment Analysis And Its Implementation In MapReduce [1]
    Naltrexone and acamprosate can help prevent alcohol relapse [1]
    Nam mihi carmen erit Christi vitalia gesta: book one of the Evangeliorum libri iv of Juvencus and the evolution of Latin epic in late antiquity [1]
    Nana: A look at mother figures [1]
    Nancy Morejón: Paisajes célebres [1]
    Nano microbe zapper (NMZ): a novel eco-safe nanoparticle mediated antimicrobial killer [1]
    Nano- and micro-scale studies of exocytosis [1]
    Nano-synthesis of Energetic Materials [abstract] [1]
    Nanocatalysis for Energy [1]
    Nanoclustering of vacancies in thin metal films revealed by x-ray diffuse scattering [1]
    Nanocomposites: characterization and applications towards electrical energy storage devices [1]
    Nanogap embedded silver gratings for surface plasmon enhanced fluorescence [1]
    Nanogap embedded TiO2 photonic crystals for enhanced fluorescence and surface dielctrophoreis of DNA [1]
    Nanomaterial surface modification for heat-transfer nanofluid and electrochemical DNA biosensor development [1]
    Nanomechanical property characterization of femoral head materials [1]
    Nanomedicine approach for sustained release delivery of Avastin: treatment for PXE and AMD [abstract] [1]
    Nanoparticle mediated ablation of breast cancer cells using a nanosecond pulsed electric field [1]
    Nanopore-facilitated single molecule detection of circulating microRNAs in cancer patients [1]