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    Tables for Weights and Measurement: Crops [1]
    Tagore Love Songs [8]
    Tagoriana [9]
    Taiwan old age allowance policy: Effects on saving and consumption [1]
    Taking grievance seriously: public goods provision and the incidence of civil violence [1]
    Taking Root: The Route of the Broadcast Journalism Curriculum at the Missouri School of Journalism [1]
    Taking the good with the bad: adolescent sibling relationship processes and their associations with perceived sibling support, self-worth, and body evaluations [1]
    A Tale of Two Risks: The Framing of HIV Transmission Risk in Health Brochures [1]
    Tan B : [1]
    Tandem machine learning for the identification of genes regulated by transcription factors [1]
    Tandem repeat regions within the Burkholderia pseudomallei genome and their application for high resolution genotyping [1]
    Taney County Census Tract & Voting District Maps [1]
    Tao3 mediates a phenotypic switch between amoeba-adapted and mammalian-adapted forms of Cryptococcus neoformans [1]
    Target level of reliability for design of bridge foundations and approach embankments using LRFD [1]
    Targeting the Myofibroblast: New Strategies in Managing Equine Corneal Fibrosis [1]
    "Tat tvam asi": An Important Identity Statement or a Mere Tautology [1]
    Tax Considerations for the Establishment of Agroforestry Practices [1]
    Taxation of Crop Insurance and Disaster Payments [1]
    The TEACH Act [1]
    Teacher autonomy in the United States: establishing a standard definition, validation of a nationally representative construct and an investigation of policy affected teacher groups [1]