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    U. S. Syphilis Study at Tuskegee and Minority Participation in Research
    U.S. Baseline Briefing Book: Missouri Insert (2010)
    U.S. consumer preferences for elderberry products
    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    U.S. Hog Marketing Contract Study
    U.S. Military intervention to combat the Islamic State
    U.S. Pork Imports and Exports
    U.S. Race Politics: Learning from the Experiences of African Americans
    Ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase-activity is involved in sperm acrosomal function and anti-polyspermy defense during porcine fertilization
    Ubiquity of simplices in subsets of vector spaces over finite fields
    Ulcerative Enteritis in Quail
    Ulnar nerve and median nerve neuropathy in the cyclist
    Ultra-fast magnetic resonance imaging for small animal models
    Ultra-fast, ultra-intense lasers for use in surgery [abstract]
    Ultra-wideband miniaturized microstrip patch antennas for wireless communications: design guidelines and modeling
    Ultrafast Formation of Nonemissive Species via Intermolecular Interaction in Single Crystals of Conjugated Molecules
    Ultrafiltration of surface water by poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF)/TiO2 mixed matrix hollow fiber membranes (HFMs) with advanced antifouling properties under visible light irradiation
    Ultrahigh vacuum chamber for synchrotron x‐ray diffraction from films adsorbed on single‐crystal surfaces
    Ultrarelativistic motion: inertial and tidal effects in Fermi coordinates
    Ultrasonic biaxial stress measurement for evaluating the adequacy of gusset plates