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  • The arterial system of a pig embryo 

    Appleby, John Isaac (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1918)
    This paper is one of a series describing the anatomy of a pig embryo of about 20 mm. in length, which work was undertaken several years ago in the Department of Anatomy of The University of Missouri under the supervision ...
  • Articulatory motor performance as a function of phonetic complexity in Parkinson's disease 

    Salazar, Mary (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2019)
    [ACCESS RESTRICTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI--COLUMBIA AT REQUEST OF AUTHOR.] Purpose: This study sought to determine the feasibility of phonetic complexity manipulations to improve the detection of articulatory deficits ...
  • Characterizing variable patterns of disease onset and progression in a mouse model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) 

    Andel, Ellyn Marie (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2019)
    [ACCESS RESTRICTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI AT REQUEST OF AUTHOR.] The goal of the current study was to characterize the anatomical site(s) of onset (i.e., specific limb or craniofacial region) and pattern of disease ...
  • The effect of isometric tongue exercise in a novel rodent model of dysphagia 

    Murphy, Erika Rose (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2019)
    The tongue plays a crucial role in the swallowing process and impairment can lead to dysphagia, particularly in neurological conditions such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson's Disease, and stroke. This ...
  • The heart of the 20mm. pig embryo. 

    Wheeldon, Thomas, 1892- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1915)
    The present article is one of a series planned by Professor Franklin P. Johnson describing the anatomy of the 20mm. pig. This series, it is intended, shall supplement the descriptions of the 12 mm. pig by F. T. Lewis and ...
  • Improving the clinical utility of diadochokinetic tasks for early detection of neurological tongue dysfunction 

    Henn, Elise Kristine (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    Previous work in our lab identified significant differences in tongue function between healthy young (i.e., 20-49 years of age) and healthy old (i.e., 50-89 years of age) participants. While data collection was efficient ...
  • On the structure of a human embryo eleven millimeters in length 

    Bonnot, Edmond (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    The purpose of this investigation is primarily to show the form and relations of the viscera in a human embryo eleven millimeters (neck-breech) in length and of the latter part of the fifth week of embryonal life.
  • Prenatal growth of the pig 

    Lowrey, Lawson G. (Lawson Gentry), 1890-1957 (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1910)
    Numerous observations on various phases of growth are to be found in the biological literature. Most of those concerning prenatal growth are upon the human embryo; although scattered observations are also recorded on other ...
  • The presence of Nissl's bodies and neurofibrillae in the freshly fixed spinal nerve cell 

    Heldt, Thomas Johannes (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1912)
    Since the discovery of Nissl's bodies and neurofibrillae much work has been done on these structures. Nevertheless, some have even questioned their presence in the living nerve cell and have considered them as artifacts. ...
  • The relation between school-age children's language ability and expository discourse production in two scaffolded tasks 

    Guilkey, Anna M. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    [ACCESS RESTRICTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI AT AUTHOR'S REQUEST.] This study explored school-age children's expository discourse production and their use of language to convey complex information. Because school-age ...
  • Significance of the remote nerve cell changes resulting from shock 

    Kurtz, Daniel Webster Boone (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    It is the purpose of this article to discuss the results of a number of experiments performed upon dogs to determine, if possible, the remote nerve cell changes resulting from shock.
  • Thickening fluids for pediatric patients with Dysphagia: the challenge of achieving safe viscosities 

    Bier, Elizabeth Wellborn (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2018)
    Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) at our hospital currently rely on their best clinical judgment to establish a nectar viscosity for bottle feedings because rheological equipment is not readily available. Therefore, ...
  • Thoracic index in the Negro 

    Rodes, Charles Bradford (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1905)
    The following investigations were undertaken in order to determine the thoracic index, (i. e. the ratio of the antero-posterior to the transverse diameter) according to age and sex in the Negro, by means of a series of ...
  • The urogenital system of the 20-MM. pig embryo 

    Rose, Frank Herbert (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1919)
    The studies recorded in this dissertation were begun and largely carried out in the Department of Anatomy, University of Missouri Medical School, under the direction of Professor Franklin P. Johnson. They were completed ...