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  • Anatomy of Ascidia viridis u. sp. 

    Hill, Homer Allin (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1902)
    All the observations for this description were made from specimens preserved either in formalin or picro-formalin. The formalin specimens, which were left in the test, were found to be in the best condition. Those preserved ...
  • Convergence of an infinite series 

    Hamlin, Truman Leigh (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1902)
    This thesis gives some of the more important tests for the convergence of an infinite series; also the conditions that must be fulfilled in order that certain operations and transformations may be applied to an infinite series.
  • Euripides as a poet of nature 

    Nichols, Lulu Edith (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1902)
    On the shores of Salamis, Euripides used for his study a cave which overlooked the sea, and in this secluded place wrote most of his tragedies. Thus leading a life of seclusion, Euripides devoted much time to studying ...
  • Geometry of four dimensions 

    Ingold, Louis, 1872- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1902)
    In this thesis a brief outline of Four Dimensional Geometry, as far as the classification of quadrics, is attempted.
  • The infinitive as used by Vergil in his Aeneid 

    Macmillan, Grace Eugenie (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1902)
    Vergil has made liberal use of his license as a poet, not only in using the infinitive mode in many instances where it would be either unusual in prose, or absolutely non-permissible, but also in his looseness of diction. ...
  • Inwiefern Lessing in seinem wortschaftz vom modernen neuhochdeutschen sprachgebrauch abweicht 

    Hauhart, Wiliam Frederick (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1902)
    Discusses Lessings works and their influence on German language.
  • On the motion of a sphere on a rough horizontal plane 

    Hatcher, Fanny Bell (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1902)
    The problem discussed in these pages is that of the motion of a billiard ball when struck by a horizontal cue. This is a special case of the motion of a sphere on a rough horizontal plane.
  • Presentation and stage setting of Greek tragedy of the fifth century B.C. 

    Jenkins, Charles Oscar (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1902)
    The purpose of this thesis is to see what facts we may gather concerning the presentation and stage setting of Greek Tragedy of the fifth century B. C. from the study of the extant plays of Aeschylus and several of those ...
  • The taxation of railway gross receipts in Wisconsin 

    Snider, Guy Edward (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1902)
    The classification of railways for the purpose of taxation is one of the prominent features of the Wisconsin system. By means of the classification certain railways are fostered and the industrial development of the state ...
  • Wordsworth's theory of diction 

    Kahn, Thekla (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1902)
    With the questions, "What is Wordsworth's theory of diction?", "Did Wordsworth put his theory into practice?", and, indirectly, though necessarily, "Is Wordsworth's theory a correct one?" this paper purposes to deal. In ...