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  • Die theorie des einakters 

    Busch, Ella Adeline (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1904)
    Discusses various dramas and the techniques of one-act plays.
  • The dramatic structure of Shakespeare's plays 

    Hamilton, Goldy Mitchell (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1904)
    A drama is a presentation of an action. Action is the connection and interweaving of details, by a controlling idea, into a work of art, possessing unity; it is the train of incident, conceived as a whole. Events in ...
  • Early financial history of Missouri 

    Nardin, William Thompson (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1904)
    The financial history of Missouri properly begins with the history of the territory of which Missouri was, in the earliest time, a part. That territory, however, the field of attempted French colonization and of Spanish ...
  • The English sonnet from Wyatt to Milton 

    Riggs, Jeptha, 1879-1958 (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1904)
    In 1557 there was published in London a little volume hardly known to students of English Literature by the name it then bore, but familiarly known from the name of the publisher as Tottel's Miscellany. This book was a new ...
  • The Homeric house in the light of recent excavations 

    Welch, John Gunn (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1904)
    The purpose of this paper is to give a detailed description of the Homeric house, according to the information to be had from the Homeric poems, and to compare it with other palaces of early antiquity, such as those of ...
  • Minimum surfaces 

    Rabourn, Sara Brewer (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1904)
    In this dissertation I propose to give some of the theory and develop some of the important formulas upon which Minimum Surfaces are based. In order to proceed with the development of Minimum Surfaces, it will be necessary ...
  • Municipal government in St. Joseph, Missouri 

    Chasnoff, Jacob (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1904)
    The aim of this paper is to trace the growth and development of the governmental organization and powers of the City of St. Joseph, Missouri, and to describe them as they exist to-day. St. Joseph was chosen as the subject ...
  • On finite groups with special reference to Klein's Ikosaeder 

    Walker, Mary Shore (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1904)
    In speaking of the icosahedron and other regular solids in the following work we shall include not only the space construction but also the sphere surface upon which the corners, edges and faces of the solids may be ...
  • On surfaces of constant negative curvature and their deformation 

    Zeigel, William Henry (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1904)
    We have shown that the pseudosphere is applicable to itself in an infinity of ways. Therefore these surfaces that are applicable to it can, after they are folded on the pseudosphere, be made to pass through the same ...
  • Puns in Plautus 

    Moore, Henry Thomas (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1904)
    A pun is commonly defined as an expression in which the use of a word in two different applications, or the use of two different words pronounced alike or nearly alike, presents an odd or ludicrous idea. But time and again ...
  • Some English words of interest, derived from the French, based on Aiol and La Chanson de Roland 

    Bedford, Frances Elizabeth (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1904)
    The greater number of English words derived from French probably came into the language either in the period of intercourse between the two countries preceding the Norman conquest, or subsequent to the conquest and as a ...
  • The use of faxo and obsecro in Plautus 

    Stump, Margaret Lou (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1904)
    In the reading of Plautus one notices many words used paratactically which in classical Latin subordinate the following clause. Prominent among these words are faxo and obsecro, and it is the purpose of this paper to discuss ...