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  • Ben Jonson's relation to Donne 

    Welty, Lois (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    Edmund Gosse in his Life and Letters of John Donne has speculated at some length about the personal relationship between Jonson and Donne. Upon the evidence before him, however, Gosse hesitates to assume that this relationship ...
  • Cattle production : the cost in Missouri of producing a steer ready for the feed lot 

    Long, Conner Melbourne, 1880- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    If one desires to know the cost of making a locomotive he would not think of going to anyone other than a locomotive manufacturer. If one wishes to know the cost of constructing a building he goes to a contractor. Desiring ...
  • Contact resistance 

    Rosebush, Earl Alfonso; Harris, George Frederick (University of Missouri, 1906)
    Nearly every possible loss of power about a dynamo has been investigated more or less thoroughly and efforts made to eliminate such loss by careful design of the part in which the loss occurs. The losses at the brushes due ...
  • Definition of improper groups by means of axioms : a dissertation 

    Hurwitz, Wallie Abraham, 1886-1958 (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    Essentially, a group is an associative field, in which the inverse combinations are uniquely possible. This is a concise statement of the classical definition of a group. The conditions which it connotes will be used here ...
  • Development of the glochidium into the miniature mussel 

    Fitch, Mary (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    This thesis provides a detailed description of the structure of Glochidium and traces its development into mature mussels.
  • Double expressions in the speeches of Sallust 

    Leaphart, Charles William (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    There is no doubt that the speeches in Sallust's histories are not quoted exactly but that, in accordance with the custom prevailing in classical times, words are put into the mouth of the speaker which might have been ...
  • Early history of money and banking in Missouri 

    Cole, Redmond S. (Redmond Selecman), 1881-1959 (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    Since money is an instrument of commerce it follows that a history of money that did not take into account the extent and character of exchanges would be lacking in a most essential respect. In a highly developed state of ...
  • The essay in Greek literature 

    Underwood, George Arthur (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    That the essay is a form of literature created by Montaigne, that it was unknown before him, and is distinctively modern, is a theory generally prevalent among the literary public of our time. But it is altogether contrary ...
  • Examining and certificating teachers 

    Edwards, John Crockett (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    One of the first laws in the United States on the subject of examining and certificating teachers was passed in Massachusetts in 1826. It stated that the School Committees should ascertain the qualifications of the teachers ...
  • Farmers' mutual insurance in Missouri 

    Ward, James Gordon (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    The only form of co-operation which has been successful among the farmers of Missouri and in fact the farmers of the entire United States, is the present existing mutual insurance companies. This kind of co-operation has ...
  • The mechanism of seed dispersal in polygonum virginianum 

    Smoot, Wallie Isadore (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    The achenes of Polygonum Virginianum Linnaeus have a particularly efficient mode of dispersal. The long two-parted styles are persistent and become lignified during the process of development. If, after maturity, these ...
  • Negro criminality 

    McCord, Charles H. (Charles Harvey), 1868- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    It is not the purpose of this study to solve the "Negro Problem" or to offer a program of amelioration, but rather to seek and make clear the causes and predisposing conditions of Negro criminality.
  • On the structure of a human embryo eleven millimeters in length 

    Bonnot, Edmond (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    The purpose of this investigation is primarily to show the form and relations of the viscera in a human embryo eleven millimeters (neck-breech) in length and of the latter part of the fifth week of embryonal life.
  • Persius' debt to Horace. 

    Eitzen, Hetha Amelia (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    In the comparison of the Satires of Persius with those of Horace it will be found that there are many similar passages. Some of these passages are alike in thought, while others contain the same group of words, but the ...
  • Relation of lime and magnesium to plant growth in Missouri soils 

    Childers, Lucius Franklin (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    The relation of lime and magnesium to each other in plant growth is a problem over which the Agronomist and Plant Physiologist have stumbled for some time, and before its solution is finally reached, will likely involve ...
  • The withdrawal of pupils from school 

    Major, John William McGarvey (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    This subject has, perhaps, received more attention and less careful study than any other educational problem. The numerous compulsory school attendance laws, both in Europe and America, testify to the consideration this ...