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  • The absolute measurement of electrical capacities 

    Shackelford, Benjamin Estill, 1891- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    Of the various methods in use at the present time for the absolute measurement of electrical capacities in electromagnetic units, none give the satisfaction desired. Only two of these methods are in common use and they ...
  • The absorption of fat by the mammalian stomach 

    Skaer, William Frederic (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    A proper analysis of the function of the stomach in alimentation involves not only those factors which produce chemical and mechanical changes in the foods during its stay in the gastric cavity; but also, the extent to ...
  • The acceleration of gravity : an absolute determination with a Kater's pendulum for Columbia, Missouri 

    Walters, Francis Marion, Jr. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was the first to question the assertion of Aristotle that bodies fall with velocities proportional to their weights. He dramatically refuted this Aristotelian doctrine by dropping from the Tower ...
  • Alliteration in the hexameter books of Lucilius 

    Miller, Edith (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    It is very evident (1) that Lucilius used the device of alliteration, (2) that he used it very freely, and (3) that he must have used it purposely. In general, his alliteration means nothing, though occasionally it does ...
  • American socialism and syndicalism 

    Swift, Charles Henry (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    Another word with which we have to deal when studying the problems of industrial reform is "Syndicalism." As yet the word is but vaguely known and its connotation is still somewhat of a mystery to the general public. This ...
  • An analysis of production costs and applications high cost of living and panics and depressions 

    Comer, George P. (George Paul) (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    This discussion of Cost of Production, or as we choose to name it, Production Costs, will be made from the standpoint of the competitive or price economy. Other views of costs, such as labor costs, pain costs, and collectivists ...
  • A collection of graphs to accompany certain topics in the study of function theory of a real variable 

    Eversole, Ruth (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    In Part I of this paper, I have dealt with only well-known properties of functions - treating them from the graphic standpoint entirely and referring the reader, to the best authorities I could find, for the Algebraic ...
  • Composition of soil as affected by different cropping systems 

    Lowry, Marion Wayne (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    Among the experiments in soil fertility which are being carried out by the University of Missouri College of Agriculture is a series of plot experiments which have been in progress since 1889. There are thirty-nine plots ...
  • The conception of tragedy in recent English drama 

    Nardin, Frances Louise, 1878- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    It is the purpose of this thesis to examine the conception of tragedy in English drama of the period 1900-1912. In the investigation three questions have been considered. 1. What conceptions of tragedy prevailed in English ...
  • Contribution toward the chemical compostition of the crystalline rocks of south-east Missouri 

    King, Henry James (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    The study of the chemical composition of the crystalline rocks of South-East Missouri was undertaken a few years ago by Prof. J.A. Gibson. Prof. Gibson, assisted by Mr. W.J. Bray, collected several samples of granites near ...
  • Cost records and reports for public schools 

    Shackelford, Horace Harvey (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    What is the efficiency of the school system? This is the first question asked when a consideration of the money spent in the past, or what should be spent in the future, on that particular system, is taken up. To determine ...
  • Cytological study of the development of the functional activity of nerve cells in foetal and infantile animals 

    Jones, Albert Lester (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    Morphological changes corresponding to functional activity have been found by numerous investigators. The purpose of this investigation was in the first place to determine, if possible, at what period functional activity ...
  • Die epische zwischenrede in Goethes erzahlungen 

    Betz, Martha (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    This piece explores Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's epic works.
  • Economical learning 

    Roth, Frederick George (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    The great change in our economic life in the last decade has forced its demands for greater skill and more economical methods upon man in every walk of life. These demands have in part been met and satisfied, but much is ...
  • Elementary agriculture for city high schools 

    Hayes, Martin Luther (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    The experience of teaching Agriculture in the high school for a number of years has impressed upon the writer the need of a more careful selection of material than is indicated by most of the text book in Elementary ...
  • The fatty acids present in human milk 

    Davis, Roy Benton (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    In beginning of this thesis an effort was made to find all the available references on the subject of the chemistry of human milk fat in order that a bibliography might be made which would cover all the work done on the ...
  • General consideration of the calcium and phosphorus in the ration of growing cattle 

    Woodward, Edwin Garver (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    The object of this experiment was to compare two rations, one of high calcium and phosphorus content and the other of low calcium and phosphorus content, in their effects upon growing calves.
  • Horace's conception of friendship 

    Hall, Alta B. (Alta Bell), 1888- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    Friendship is the most elevating of human affections, and yet it is a relation that cannot be explained or defined. It begins and ends in feeling, and feeling is a matter of purely personal organization. It is this subjective ...
  • The influence of breeding young swine upon the parents, the offspring and the breed 

    Hill, Robert E. Lee (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    There is no animal contributing directly to the food supply of the people which is at the same time so generaly kept and so little understood as the pig. Nor is there one which, intimately associated as it is with their ...
  • Investigation of the rest period of seeds 

    Wiggans, C. C. (Cleo Claude), 1889- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1913)
    In all plants, including fungi and algae, as well as higher forms, this periodicity of growth, due to season, nutrition, environment, etc., is seen. Practically all temperate zone plants exhibit a yearly periodicity. The ...