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  • Church Federation in Missouri 

    Andrews, Frank Archibald Bishop (University of Missouri, 1915)
  • The effect of calcium carbonate of certain soil constituents and on plant growth 

    Hudelson, Robert R. (University of Missouri, 1915)
    This thesis examines the use of calcium bicarbonate (lime) as soil augmentation. It covers the physical, physiological, bacteriological, and chemical effects of lime in soils, and also the historical use of lime and its ...
  • The Effects of Background on the Color Behavior of Anolis Carolinensis (Cuv.) 

    Bock, Carl William (University of Missouri, 1915)
  • The heart of the 20mm. pig embryo. 

    Wheeldon, Thomas, 1892- (University of Missouri, 1915)
    The present article is one of a series planned by Professor Franklin P. Johnson describing the anatomy of the 20mm. pig. This series, it is intended, shall supplement the descriptions of the 12 mm. pig by F. T. Lewis and ...
  • An investigation of farm land credit 

    Hursh, Justus Harold (University of Missouri, 1915)
    The problem of rural credit in the United States is growing rapidly in importance. Within the last few years it has attracted the attention of farmers, financiers, legislators, and city dwellers. Several commissions have ...
  • Investigations on complement fixation in hog cholera 

    Durant, Adrian Jackson (University of Missouri, 1915)
    Abstract taken from first paragraph of the Introduction section of this thesis: At the present time no biologic test for the diagnosis of hog cholera exists by means of which the presence of the disease in a herd can be ...
  • Some biological and chemical effects of sulfur upon plant growth and upon the soil 

    Duley, Frank Leslie (University of Missouri, 1915)
    Abstract taken from the concluding paragraph of the Introduction to this thesis: ...the discovery of the fertilizing value of sulfur by accident in the application of sulfur to plants as a fungicide, has led several ...
  • The spermatogenesis of Sceloporus undulatus 

    MacMorland, Edward Elliott (University of Missouri, 1915)
    Text taken from page 8 of the Introduction section of this thesis: The present research was undertaken in the spring of 1913 at the suggestion of Dr. George Lefevre and is an attempt at tracing the behavior of the chromosomes ...
  • A study of the effect of the periods of gestation and lactation upon the growth and composition of swine 

    Griswold, D. J. (Daniel James) (University of Missouri, 1915)
    Growth is at the base of organic production. In recent years an increasing importance has been attached to its study and to the conditions affecting it. Davenport says: "The importance of the study of growth cannot be ...
  • Women in the laundry industry in Columbia 

    Griffith, Mabel Hoffmeister (University of Missouri, 1915)
    Abstract taken from page 1 of this thesis: In making this survey of the women in the laundry industry in Columbia, I have attempted to cover, as far as is possible, every condition and fact connected with their home and ...