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  • Age as a factor in animal breeding 

    Zimmerman, Brenton Creamer (University of Missouri, 1918)
    The experiment furnishing the basis for this discussion was begun in 1909 by Director F.B. Mumford and has since been continued under his general direction. Swine were used in the experiment since they probably lend ...
  • Antony's oriental policy until the defeat of the Parthian expedition 

    Craven, Lucile (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from page 1: "For a comprehensive study of Antony's relations to the Orient, it is necessary to take up in some detail the proconsulship of Gabinius in Syria, for it was as commander of the cavalry that Antony first ...
  • The arterial system of a pig embryo 

    Appleby, John Isaac (University of Missouri, 1918)
    This paper is one of a series describing the anatomy of a pig embryo of about 20 mm. in length, which work was undertaken several years ago in the Department of Anatomy of The University of Missouri under the supervision ...
  • The article on the executive in the Missouri Constitution of 1875 

    Howard, Robert L. (Robert Lorenzo), 1891-1973 (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from page 1: "It is the purpose of this paper to give an account of the Executive Department of the Government of the State of Missouri as considered in the Constitutional Convention in 1875 and as finally adopted by ...
  • The associated growth of legumes and non-legumes 

    Stadler, L. J. (Lewis John), 1896-1954 (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from page 87: "This paper reports the results of a trial of soy beans grown with corn in the follOwing ways: (1) planted with corn, both crops at a full normal rate, (2) planted with corn, both at half the normal rate, ...
  • The atomic weight of lead from samarskite 

    Davis, Arthur Lowell (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from page 1: In the disintegration of the radioactive elements, since each a-transformation involves the loss of an atom of helium and nothing else which in weighable, the atomic weight of the product should be just ...
  • The beginnings of naturalism in the English novel 

    James, Eula (University of Missouri, 1918)
    "By the words "scientific observation" a picture of the laboratory is called up. However, life cannot be reduced to the small limits of a scientist's workshop; thus the naturalistic writer uses the statistical and case ...
  • A Comparison of the Point Scale and the Group Method of Measuring Mental Ability 

    Breece, George Everette (University of Missouri, 1918)
  • Development of manual arts instruction in cities of the United States 

    Taft, Linwood (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from page 1: "The aim of this study is to trace the development of manual arts instruction from the time when it was first suggested as a possible solution for the problem of a more practical training in school for ...
  • Dietary studies of Missouri State hospitals for the insane 

    Findley, Lydia June (University of Missouri, 1918)
    "The aim and plan of the investigation was to determine the adequacy of the dietaries and to find out if they were planned as economically as possible. In order to do this it was necessary to collect the following data: 1. ...
  • The electoral franchise in Missouri 

    Leopard, Buel (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from page 21: "It is the purpose of this paper to show the changes which nave taken place in the composition of the electorate of the State of Missouri and to point out, where this is possible, how these changes are the ...
  • The English towns and the War of the Roses 

    Culmer, Frederic Arthur (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from page 5: "The growth, material progress and political power of the English towns in the fifteenth century may claim some attention. In this study nothing is more noticeable than the gradual breaking up of the ...
  • The Extraction and Recovery of Radium from Low Grade American Pitchblende Ores 

    Cable, Alma Steele (University of Missouri, 1918)
  • Factors favoring or opposing injuries from transplanting 

    Gardner, John Samuel (University of Missouri, 1918)
    "The purpose of this investigation was to determine the factors favoring or opposing the injuries following the transplanting of vegetables. The factors dealt with in this study were as follows: (a) The relation of moisture ...
  • Factors influencing the normal rate of growth in domestic animals and the permanency of the effect of arrested development 

    Ritchie, Walter S. (Walter Stuntz), 1892- (University of Missouri, 1918)
    As the title indicates, the investigation has for its object the determining of the factors influencing the normal rate of growth of domestic animals and the permanency of arrested development. While all these factors ...
  • Feminism in Lope de Vega 

    Million, Margaret Lovell (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from preface: "The purpose of this work has been to make a study of Lope de Vega, the great Spanish dramatist, from the point of view of the elements of feminism presented."
  • Fontanes frauengestalten : eine studie 

    Ettmueller, Emma (University of Missouri, 1918)
  • Foreign exchange and foreign banking of America as it is related to American business 

    James, Virginia (University of Missouri, 1918)
    "The purpose of this thesis is to investigate our present system of foreign banking and exchange and to discuss its relations to American business. I propose in Chapter I to outline the situation that confronted us at ...
  • Goethes dramatische technik in der schilderung der frauengestalten 

    Hoffman, Hazel Wallingford (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from page 98: "Zum Abschluss dieser Forschung konnen wir von Goethes Technik in der Darstellung seiner Frauengestalten behaupten, dass der Dichter ersterlinie seine besten Gedanken und seine innigsten Gefuhle den ...
  • The growth period in the spermatogenesis of anax junius 

    Guthrie, Mary Jane, 1895- (University of Missouri, 1918)
    Text from page 2: "There are two contrasted views as to how synapsis takes place, name1y (1) by end to end union or telosynapsis, and (2) by side to side union or parasynapsis. This problem was undertaken to determine ...