• 9 to 5 feces on fart and crass : subverting society's segregative structures 

    Loving, Brandon (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2016)
    In resistance to oligarchical structures, which deny access and influence nearly every aspect of our society, I've created an inventory of work, which utilizes and embraces archetypes and pop culture motifs as a means to ...
  • An absurd beauty 

    Salov, Amanda (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2007)
    Human beings are ephemeral; our relationships are ever changing and our environments are transitory, yet we continually deny this basic principle. This transitory nature is an absurd beauty that encompasses the human ...
  • The art of persuasion: critiquing China's new middle class by multi-perspective storytelling mode 

    Zhou, Ming, 1977- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2009)
    My work is a critique of China's New Middle Class's tasteless manners. They blindly mimic Western culture and neglect our own traditional culture's spiritual aspects. I attempt to cross the boundaries of different cultures, ...
  • Artifacts and fantasy 

    Kientzel, Paula (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2007)
    Memory like emotions, cannot be experienced in the past. It may be experienced only in the present. These are representations that form our perceptions of the past, present and future. Most individuals have a tendency to ...
  • Available 

    Myers, Greta A. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2014)
    While engaging in the exploration of the subject matter of perfection in an ideal mate, my project strives to align the physical act of painting with said search of faultlessness. My preoccupation with this search has led ...
  • Banal: sculptural meditations on the unfamiliar 

    Leon Zamuco, Eric de (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2009)
    This creative research is about filtering my own displaced experience, of being part of the Filipino Diaspora. With Judeo-Christian spirituality as my lens I have created artworks that deal with the unfamiliar aspects of ...
  • Bite the hands that feed you: retrieving material discourse from industrial culture 

    Morrey, Christopher, 1968- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2009)
    My sculpture uses industrial practices, drawing from material traditions in furniture and architecture to delve into areas of conflict between nature, and human industry and commerce. Bite the hands that feed you engages ...
  • Come to nothing 

    Sweet, Eric (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2011)
    These drawings are an intense exploration of the concept, establishment, and power of the "Ideal" through the historical interventions of minimalism, utopia, perspective, printmaking, and drawing. There is an important ...
  • Contextus ad absurdum 

    Paullus, J. Sloane Snure, 1981- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2010)
    Using clashing fields of referents, an ornate, mystical aesthetic, printmaking, PowerPoint, and glitter, this creative research fuses Baroque and Modernist conventions. Contextus ad Absurdum is a critical celebration of ...
  • Damaged 

    Crites, Deborah Lynn, 1962- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2010)
    I have always been fascinated by the psychology [i.e. of] human and what motivates behaviors and choices made in life. This interest is more profound than merely my own inactive and proactive conduct, it also involves ...
  • Display 

    Fischer, Aaron Michael (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    My sculptural work is comprised of tool-like objects of unknown utility. Each object is made up of materials traditionally used both in Art and Craft contexts, and are reminiscent of hand tools, but whose purpose is obscured, ...
  • Drink Bleach: The Anti State of Mind 

    O'Keefe, Ginnifer Paige (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2015)
    This body of work presents a visual rejection of understood ideas of acceptance and a vindication of new ones. As a maker, I obtain an "anti state of mind" that carries forth energy in rejection, but most largely in the ...
  • Dwell 

    Lee, Miranda (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2014)
  • East marries west 

    Lin, Suqin (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2012)
    Nowadays, people from all over the world inevitably encounter and experience cultural differences in the era of globalization. My painting project, East Marries West, is about cultural differences when Easterners and ...
  • Echoes of the voiceless 

    Chaichi Raghimi, Zeinab (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2014)
  • Eminent domain 

    Rahner, Matt R. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2014)
  • Faking it: the seduction of surface 

    Armbrust, Catherine (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2012)
    This creative research conflates three of my personal obsessions—the French Rococo, television, and craft materials—and culminates with a collection of wearable sculptures that satirize the often-ostentatious masquerade ...
  • False sense of care 

    Sandbothe, Mary Margaret (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2016)
    False Sense of Care is the thesis exhibition by Mary Margaret Sandbothe. The exhibition incorporated two bodies of work titled, Ideal Queers comprised of large format digitally printed cross-stitch simulations on cotton ...
  • Fight or flight 

    Burton, Judith Penney (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2013)
    Fight or Flight addresses the end result of recent environmental disturbances and catastrophic weather events brought on by climate change. Many humans throughout the planet have faced personal or property devastation of ...
  • Forms of repose 

    Hellmann, Natalie Elizabeth (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2011)
    This creative research explores the interconnectivity between objects and experiences in nature as an impetus for encouraging a reciprocal and sensitive understanding of ourselves in relation to the world. Drawing inspiration ...