• Does early detection of suspected atherosclerotic renovascular hypertension change outcomes 

    Shepherd, Sandra; Cadwallader, Kara; Jankowski, Terry Ann, 1951- (Family Physicians Inquiries Network, 2005-09)
    We found no evidence for changed outcomes from early detection of renal artery stenosis (RAS). Treatment of RAS in refractory hypertension modestly improves blood pressure control. There was a trend toward improved clinical ...
  • eMedRef (December 2011) 

    Fashner, Julia; Bell, Amanda; Cadwallader, Kara; Labatia, Sherif; Marshall, Robert (Family Physicians Inquiries Network, 2011-12)
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  • Other than anticoagulation, what is the best therapy for those with atrial fibrillation? 

    Cadwallader, Kara; Jankowski, Terry Ann, 1951- (Family Physicians Inquiries Network, 2004-07)
    Rate control with long-term anticoagulation is recommended for most patients with atrial fibrillation (strength of recommendation [SOR]: A, based on randomized controlled trials [RCTs]). A rhythm-control strategy provides ...
  • When should an MRI be done for patients with symptoms of sciatica? 

    Pellant, Angie; Cadwallader, Kara (Family Physicians Inquiries Network, 2008-05)
    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) should be considered in patients with sciatica if “red flag” symptoms are present. MRI should also be considered for patients with sciatica in whom conservative treatment has failed over 4 ...