• Condensed Matter Fuel Cells to Power Electric Vehicles 

    Chauvin, Nicholas (University of Missouri, 2013-07)
    This is a slide-show designed to accompany the oral presentation of Nicholas Chauvin's "Condensed Matter Fuel Cells to Power Electric Vehicles".
  • Electrocatalytic properties of Pd-based nano-structured material for application in fuel cells 

    Castagna, Emanuele; Giorgi, L.; Lecci, S.; Sansovini, M.; Sarto, F.; Violante, V. (University of Missouri, 2013-07)
    Fuel cells, especially low temperature fuel cells, are clean-energy devices that have high potentiality for use in electric power production and non-polluting vehicles. Platinum is commonly used as electrocatalysts in fuel ...
  • Fuel Cell Policy Recommendations [abstract] 

    Grasman, Scott E. (Scott Erwin); Dogan, Fatih; Koylu, Ümit Ö. (Ümit Özgür); Lee, Sunggyu; Sheffield, John W. (2009)
    In its review of the Department of Energy's Research Development and Demonstration Plan for hydrogen, the National Academies recommended a study of lessons learned from technologies developed for stationary power systems. ...
  • Gas sorption in engineered carbon nanospaces 

    Burress, Jacob W., 1983- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 2009)
    Vehicular storage of gaseous fuels is a key enabling technology for the two pillars of a non-petroleum based transportation economy natural-gas vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. My research focuses on the development ...
  • Missouri S&T Hydrogen Fuel Cell EcoCAR 

    Sheffield, John W. (2009-04)
    Today, the automotive industry is at a crossroads during the worst economic downturn in 75 years. Particularly frustrating is that this crisis struck just at a time when these companies were successfully restructuring ...