• Answers to Five Questions on Normative Ethics 

    Vallentyne, Peter (Automatic Press, 2007)
    This article comprises the author's answers to five questions on Normative Ethics posed by the editors of the collection.
  • Infinite Utility and Temporal Neutrality 

    Vallentyne, Peter (Cambridge University Press, 1994-06)
    Suppose that time is infinitely long towards the future, and that each feasible action produces a finite amount of utility at each time. Then, under appropriate conditions, each action produces an infinite amount of ...
  • Natural rights and two conceptions of promising 

    Vallentyne, Peter (Chicago-Kent College of Law, 2006)
    Does one have an obligation to keep one's promises? I answer this question by distinguishing between two broad conceptions of promising. On the normativized conception of promising, a promise is made when an agent validly ...
  • Response-Dependence, Rigidification, and Objectivity 

    Vallentyne, Peter (Springer Verlag, 1996-01)
    A response-dependent account of a given attribute, such as redness or wrongness, identifies the attribute with the disposition to produce specified sorts of response in specified sorts of being under specified conditions. ...