• Dr. Charles Burney's Italian Tour 

    Bryant, James Russell (1979)
    In 1770, Dr. Charles Burney made a tour of France, Switzerland, and Italy, opening a new era with regard to the recording of music history and first-hand reporting on the present conditions of music in those countries. No ...
  • The Invention of the Piano and Its Development in Germany Through the Eighteenth Century 

    Billings, Carolyn, 1946- (1978-11-1)
    This paper discusses the history, development, and reception of the piano in eighteenth-century Germany.
  • Karl Czerny - Nineteenth Century Pedagogue 

    Bryant, James Russell (1979)
    The Viennese pianist and teacher, Karl Czerny, inherited a tradition of pianoforte instruction that enabled him to hold the center of the pedagogical stage for the first half of the nineteenth century. Czerny was the pupil ...
  • Music of the Silent Film Era 

    Levine, Judith A. (1980)
    The story of the development of film music for the silent film era of the 1890s through 1930 represents man's desire to add aural depth to a visual accomplishment. From a single musician to a pit orchestra, their music ...
  • Solo Voice Technique and its Application to the Choral Ensemble 

    Bishop, Daniel J. (1988-07-06)
    The study of voice pedagogy has long been a subject divided by varying beliefs and methods. The teachers of voice pedagogy and the directors of choral music have not always been in agreement in their respective use and/or ...
  • A Study of Fifteen Piano Solo Pieces by Amy Marcy Beach 

    Knutson, Mary Louise (1996)
    Amy Beach's talent and originality are brought into focus in her fifteen piano solo pieces. These compositions span the years from 1889 to 1936. Beach's aptitude for music was evident at approximately one year of age when ...
  • Vienna - 1890-1910 

    Bryant, James Russell (1979)
    The political and musical elements in Vienna from 1890 to 1910 are the focal points of this paper. An attempt has not been made to follow all of the government proceedings, nor to list all of the music performances. Instead, ...