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    Pathways to Community Leadership in Rapidly Diversifying Communities: Preliminary Results
    Patient overusing antianxiety meds? Say so (in a letter)
    Patient readiness to use internet health resources [abstract]
    Patient satisfaction and anxiety with informed consent delivered through informational video compared to the traditional physician interview [abstract]
    Patient specific bone remodeling and finite element analysis of the lumbar spine
    Patient's weight limits the effectiveness of emergency contraception
    Patients insist on antibiotics for sinusitis? Here is a good reason to say “no”
    Patients with venous thromboembolism have higher prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea than the general population
    Patients with venous tromboembolism have higher prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea [abstract]
    Patria o muerte: ideograph and metanarrative in Cuban state-produced media during the battle of ideas
    The patriarchal gentleman : gender roles of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century American women through the mind of Thomas Jefferson
    The patriotic impact of World War I on the Texas Posten, a Swedish-language newspaper
    The pattern of judgement in the Queste and Cleanness
    Pattern recognition based microsimulation calibration and innovative traffic representations
    Pattern recognition of mixed signals using guided under-determined source signal separation
    Patterns and Determinants of GMO Regulations: An Overview of Recent Evidence
    Patterns of Black Racial Identity Development of Black Men Affiliated with Historically Black Fraternities at a Large Predominately White University in the Midwest
    Patterns of brain growth in one FGFR2 mouse model for Apert Syndrome
    Patterns of local mobility in an Iban community of West Kalimantan, Indonesia
    Patterns of Political Response to Biofortified Varieties of Crops Produced with Different Breeding Techniques and Agronomic Traits