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    Preplant Nitrogen Test for Adjusting Corn
    Preschool Classrooms: Recommendations to Improve the Quality of Early Childhood Programs
    Preschool Effectiveness: The Impact of Attending a School District Affiliated Prekindergarten Program on Student Success
    Preschool piano methods and developmentally appropriate practice
    Preschoolers' Endogenously Triggered Self-Regulation
    Prescribed fire effects in Missouri Ozark upland forests
    Prescribing an antibiotic? Pair it with probiotics
    Prescribing statins for patients with ACS? No need to wait
    The presence of Nissl's bodies and neurofibrillae in the freshly fixed spinal nerve cell
    "The presence of these families is the cause of the presence there of the guerrillas": the influence of Little Dixie households on the Civil War in Missouri
    Present-day and late Quaternary crustal deformation along the southern Dead Sea Fault System, Jordan
    Presentation and stage setting of Greek tragedy of the fifth century B.C.
    The Presentation of Precipitation Information in Television Broadcasts: What is Normal?
    The Presentation of Temperature Information in Television Broadcasts: What is Normal?
    Presentation to Hannibal CHART Partnership
    Presenting the dragon to the eagle : testing the influence of message framing and valence on public perceptions
    Preservice elementary teachers' initial and post-course views of mathematical arguments: an interpretative phenomenological analysis
    Preservice elementary teachers' perceptions of their understanding of scientific inquiry-based pedagogy and their confidence to teach science: influence of elementary science education methods course and science field experience
    Preservice teacher beliefs about education from their experiences as K-12 students and members of an adolescent subculture
    Preservice teacher learning for supporting English language learners to make sense of mathematics