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    Is scopolamine more effective than glycopyrrolate in reducing oral secretions (“death rattle”) in hospice patients? [1]
    Is screening colonoscopy more effective than annual FOBT in improving morbidity and mortality for colon cancer screening in adults? [1]
    Is screening for melanoma effective in primary care? [1]
    Is self-swabbing for STIs a good idea? [1]
    Is spinal manipulation therapy more effective than home exercise as a treatment for neck pain? [1]
    Is surgical treatment of initial anterior glenohumeral dislocation more effective than nonoperative management? [1]
    Is sustainable energy development possible?: It's not easy being green [1]
    Is Teacher Pay “Adequate”? [1]
    Is testosterone effective in the treatment of depression in men? [1]
    Is the use of nebulized antibiotics effective in acute exacerbations of chronic sinusitis? [1]
    Is therapy based on endoscopy (results) better than empiric therapy for dyspepsia? [1]
    Is there a difference in long-term outcome between surgical vs nonsurgical treatment for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear? [1]
    Is there a difference in safety or efficacy among nasal corticosteroids for allergic rhinitis? [1]
    Is there a primary care tool to detect aberrant drug-related behaviors in patients on opioids? [1]
    Is there an association between acetaminophen use and the risk of asthma? [1]
    Is there an increased rate of infectious endocarditis in pacemaker patients? [1]
    Is there any benefit to continuing cervical Pap smears for women older than 65 with a history of normal Pap results? [1]
    Is this pregnancy viable? [1]
    Is transdermal nitroglycerin an effective treatment for tendon injury? [1]
    Is use of an oral hormonal contraceptive during pregnancy harmful to a fetus? [1]