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    Cowboys And Congress: The Dallas Morning News' Washington Bureau
    Coyote Crossings: The Role of Smugglers in Illegal Immigration and Border Enforcement
    CPLA2: key enzyme for astroctytic cell membrane phase property change induced by abeta
    CPRC Report No. 93-1
    CPRC Report No. 95-1
    Crafting the cake beneath the frosting: The editor’s role in city magazine redesigns
    Craniofacial developmental instability and masticatory behavior [abstract]
    Crawford County Census Tract & Voting District Maps
    Cream ripening and its relation to butter flavors
    Creating a culture :
    Creating a dual Ph.D. degree program between Oklahoma State University & Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla, Mexico
    Creating a new style: Examining culture through theatre design [abstract]
    Creating a temperature sensitive mutant of Atg21 using intein [abstract]
    Creating an effective educational environment for adult learners: a qualitative, multi-case study of off-campus center administrator's use of invitational leadership
    Creating an Immigrant Friendly Community to Enhance Financial, Social, and Cultural Capital: Sioux County Iowa
    Creation of 'Super Avastin': A New Nanomedicine Approach for the Treatment of PXE and AMD [abstract]
    Creation of a gene selection method using a Ste13-Cps1 construct in S. cerevisiae [abstract]
    Creation of brand equity in the Chinese clothing market
    Creation of mutant corticosteroid binding globulin: One step closer to a diagnostic device
    The creation of The four million: O . Henry's influences and working methods