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    Does ultrasound screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm reduce mortality?
    Does universal screening for hypothyroidism during pregnancy reduce adverse outcomes?
    Does urinating after intercourse reduce the risk of urinary tract infections among women?
    Does use of hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ) increase the risk of gout?
    Does vitamin A or beta-carotene supplementation during pregnancy reduce maternal mortality in developing countries where vitamin A deficiency is endemic?
    Does vitamin D deficiency affect pregnancy outcomes?
    Does vitamin D prevent osteoporotic fractures in the elderly with osteopenia?
    Does vitamin D supplementation prevent symptoms of depression?
    Does warfarin prevent deep venous thrombosis in high-risk patients?
    Does warfarin prevent venous thromboembolic events in aPL-positive patients?
    Does weaning of narcotics in pregnant women with chronic pain result in better fetal outcomes than maintenance therapy?
    Does wearing external ankle supports prevent ankle sprains in athletes?
    Does wearing sunglasses prevent cataracts?
    Does weight loss as a result of surgery increase libido in men with a low sex drive?
    Does weight loss decrease pain in obese patients with osteoarthritis of the knee?
    Does yoga speed healing for patients with low back pain?
    Domain specific interaction of S-RNase binding protein with the stylar 120 kDA glycoprotein in nicotiana [abstract]
    Domain specific interactions of S-RNase binding protein with stylar 120 kDA glycoprotein in Nicotiana [abstract]
    Domain-concept mining: an efficient on-demand data mining approach
    Domain-general and domain-specific brain activations and networks in visual and auditory working memory