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    An evolutionary perspective of the effects of emotion on the post-auricular reflex [1]
    Evolutionary relationships and signatures of selection in cattle established using genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphisms [1]
    Evolutionary semigroups and Lyapunov theorems in Banach spaces [1]
    The evolutionary significance of developmental plasticity in the communication system of Neoconocephalus triops (Orthoptera: tettigoniidae) [1]
    Evolutionary studies & science studies: building collaborative portals [1]
    Evolutionary trace analysis of the a-D-phosphohexomutase superfamily [abstract] [1]
    An evolving district level induction program for special education teachers [1]
    The evolving technology of bio-printing [1]
    Ewing's sarcoma in a 52 year-old women with leg pain [1]
    An Ex Ante Analysis of the Benefits from the Adoption of Corn Rootworm Resistant Transgenic Corn Technology [1]
    Ex situ variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry studies on chemical vapor deposited boron-doped diamond films: layered structure and modeling aspects [1]
    Ex-ante Economic Analysis of Biological Control of Coconut Mite in Benin [1]
    An Ex-ante Evaluation of the Economic Impact of Bt Cotton Adoption by Spanish Farmers Facing the EU Cotton Sector Reform [1]
    Ex-ante Impact Assessment of GM Papaya Adoption in Thailand [1]
    Ex-Post Full Surplus Extraction, Straightforwardly [1]
    Exact Dynamical Exchange-Correlation Kernel of a Weakly Inhomogeneous Electron Gas [1]
    Exact exchange-correlation potential for a time-dependent two-electron system [1]
    Exact FGLS Asymptotics for MA Errors [1]
    Exact physics-based modeling and animation of highly flexible 1D mechanical systems [1]
    Exaggerated certainty [1]