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    Comparative fundamental cryobiology of mouse embryonic stem cells
    Comparative funding of the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station
    Comparative imaging of canine shoulder osteochondrosis lesions
    Comparative influence of hardwood trees, litter, and bare area on soil-moisture regimen
    Comparative methods of cleaning meat cutting tables
    Comparative Oncology and Clinical Translation of glyco protein conjugated Gold Nano Therapeutic Agent (GA-198AuNP) [abstract]
    Comparative physiological reactions of European and Indian cattle to changing temperature
    Comparative physiology of desert mammals
    Comparative rankings of normal school graduates and full course university students in the School of Education
    Comparative selectivity of various Salmonella typhimurium strains in targeting prostate cancer cells [abstract]
    A Comparative Study between Antibody and Peptide Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles for In Vivo Targeting of EGFR in Pancreatic Cancer Bearing Mice Models [abstract]
    Comparative study of ballistic transport in Si and GaAs using non equilibrium Green's function formalism
    A comparative study of commercially synthesize immobilized pH gradient (IPG) strips for two-dimensional electrophoresis
    A comparative study of faculty principles of practice in curricular learning communities and non-curricular learning communities environments
    Comparative study of frequency spectrum and energy of electroretinogram oscillatory potentials (OPs) in mammals [abstract]
    A comparative study of laws relating to low-equity transfers of farm real estate in the North Central Region
    Comparative study of normal and branched alkane monolayer films adsorbed on a solid surface. I. Structure
    Comparative study of normal and branched alkane monolayer films adsorbed on a solid surface. II. Dynamics
    A comparative study of rapid prototyping systems
    A comparative study of relationships between supervisory leadership styles and high school teachers' job satisfaction and commitment in China and the United States