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    Completing the circuit : a century of electrical education at MSMUMR
    Complex and almost-complex structures on six dimensional manifolds
    Complex life-histories and biogeochemical cycles : interactions between amphibian life-history strategies and elemental cycling
    The complex nature of IPR in China [abstract]
    Complex Organic Materials in the HR 4796A Disk?
    Complex pore spaces create record-breaking methane storage system for natural-gas vehicles
    Complex regional pain syndrome
    Complexity reduction and visualization tool for RDF knowledge network application in precision medicine
    Component selection for livestock farms using linear programming
    Components of performance in selecting for heterosis in swine
    Composing a biocomposite mesh for hernia repair [abstract]
    Composite model for LENR in linear defects of a lattice
    Composite-semiconductor-based micro power source
    Composition measurements and imagery of nanoparticle gas loading experiments as an investigation of LENR reactions
    The composition of corn fodder grown in drouth years
    Composition of drainage water of Hinkson and Grindstone creeks
    Composition of fluid inclusions from the cave-in-rock bedded-replacement fluorite deposits in the Illinois-Kentucky district
    Composition of magmatic fluids in the Harney Peak granite, Black Hills, South Dakota
    Composition of soil as affected by different cropping systems
    The composition of soybean plants at various growth stages as related to their rate of decomposition and use as green manure