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    A comparison of radiant and circulating space heaters in farm dwellings
    Comparison of rainfall energy and soil erosion parameters from a rainfall simulator and natural rain
    Comparison of regulatory regions in the mitochondrial genomes of grasses
    Comparison of rumen microbe taxa among wild and domestic ruminants
    A comparison of rural and urban churches and ministers of Missouri
    A Comparison of rural churches and ministers in Missouri over a 15 year period
    Comparison of Sampling Strategies to Evaluate Rate of Transgenic Adventitious Presence in Agricultural Fields
    Comparison of sensory characteristics, and instrumental flavor compounds analysis of milk produced by three production methods
    A comparison of single- and multiple-stimulus techniques of determining visual preference for eggs
    A comparison of some methods of estimating radium
    Comparison of some standards of radioactivity
    Comparison of standard treatments of breast cancer with new experimental treatments targeting caveolin-1
    Comparison of substrate conditions in low-temperature gallium arsenide and semi-insulating gallium arsenide during terahertz pulse generation
    Comparison of sums of independent identically distributed random variables
    Comparison of supplemented free choice corn silage rations with other forage rations for wintering dairy heifers
    A comparison of teachers' and students' multicultural competence and racial color-blindness in ethnically diverse and non-diverse FFA chapters
    Comparison of the amounts and energetic efficiencies of milk production in rat and dairy cow.
    Comparison of the ash of the new-born calf with that of the full-grown steer
    A comparison of the Dido story of the Aeneid IV with the Ariadne episode in Catullus LXIV
    Comparison of the effect of environmental temperature on rabbits and cattle, Part 2, Influence of raising environmental temperature on the physiological reactions of rabbits and cattle.