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    DMS - Community Decision Making - Spanish (University of Missouri--Columbia. Extension) ; 268-2016
    DNA methylation effects on expression of a chromatin-regulated gene in maize [abstract]
    DNA methylation in the early porcine embryo
    Do abnormal fetal kick counts predict intrauterine death in average-risk pregnancies?
    Do ACE inhibitors alter lung function in patients with asthma?
    Do ACE inhibitors decrease mortality in patients with hypertension?
    Do ACE inhibitors prevent nephropathy in type 2 diabetes without proteinuria?
    Do acetaminophen and an NSAID combined relieve osteoarthritis pain better than either alone?
    Do all viruses utilize CRM1 dependent nuclear export? [abstract]
    Do allergy shots help seasonal allergies more than antihistamines and nasal steroids?
    Do annual pelvic exams benefit asymptomatic women who receive regular Pap smears?
    Do anti-inflammatory medications reduce the length of hospital stay for patients with cellulitis of the leg?
    Do antiangiogenic injections slow or reverse vision loss in patients with wet macular degeneration?
    Do antiarrhythmics prevent sudden death in patients with heart failure?
    Do antibiotics improve outcomes for patients hospitalized with COPD exacerbations?
    Do antibiotics improve outcomes in chronic rhinosinusitis?
    Do antibiotics interfere with the efficacy of oral contraceptives?
    Do antibiotics prevent recurrent UTI in children with anatomic abnormalities?
    Do antibiotics shorten symptoms in patients with purulent nasal discharge?
    Do antidepressants aid in long-term smoking cessation?