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    Dead Poultry Composter Project: David Boyd Composter
    Dead Poultry Composter Project: Tom Swaffer Composter
    "The Dead, the dead, the dead" : encountering loss in Civil War poetry
    Deadbeat dad: Victor Frankenstein as the failed father
    Deaf identity, motherhood and transforming normalcy: an ethnographic challenge to disability studies' treatment of personal experience narratives
    Dean's Newsletter
    Deantiaromatization as a driving force in an electrocyclization of cyclopentadienone and the total synthesis of 1-epi-esco-pseudopteroxazole
    Death and burial in ancient Alexandria: the Necropolis of Moustapha Pasha
    Death as freedom in 19th century women�??s literature: an escape from idleness
    Death becomes her: modernism, femininity, and the erotics of death
    Death by the pounds: The effects of television on the obesity of African-American children and adolescents
    Death in Roman Marche, Italy : a comparative study of burial rituals
    Death in the family
    A Death in the family / Randolph Jordan ; A House of women / Angela Cervantes
    The Death of Maternity : Decaying Female Bodies in Mary Shelley's Fiction [abstract]
    Death, prejudice, and ERP's: understanding the neural correlates of bias
    Deb Ward's remarks at HSL Anniversary Symposium, September, 28, 2011
    The debt of heroism: an initial test of the legacy attained by social transaction (last) model
    Decadal mass balance of the Antarctic ice sheet from satellite radar altimetry and its contribution to global sea level change
    Decay of 4 He*^ from PdD and transmutation