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    Depth sensor based object detection using surface curvature
    Deregulation of the notch signaling pathway N B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia
    Derivation and characterization of LIF and FGF2 dependent Porcine Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells [abstract]
    Derivation and validation of alcohol phenotypes in a college population: a motivational/developmental approach
    Deriving Enrollment Management Scores from ACT Data
    Descartes on Theological Knowledge
    Descartes's Self-Doubt
    The descendants of John Silvera Nunes and Mary A. (Simas) Nunes (1879-2013)
    Describing vernacular literacy practices to enhance understanding of community information needs: A case study with practical implications.
    A descriptive analysis of fees at four-year public universities: differentiating between tuition and fees
    Descriptive analysis of the Missouri restaurant industry
    A descriptive study of interpersonal conflict in high school athletic training
    A descriptive study of local grow your own principal internship programs in three different size and types of schools in Missouri
    A descriptive study of workplace attributes : environmental preference index examined through organizational system preference typologies
    Dese cuenta
    Desegregation and its impact on institutional culture at a historically black university
    Desert and Entitlement: An Introduction
    Desiccated pancreas as a meat tenderizer
    Desiccation rates of Rana sylvatica, Rana clamitans, and Bufo americanus in a fragmented forest
    The design & construction of a proton microprobe using a GE PETtrace cyclotron