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    Evaluation of novel hovering strategies to improve gravity-tractor deflection merits
    Evaluation of Ovarian Cysts
    Evaluation of patch-burn grazing on species richness and density of grassland birds
    An evaluation of pre- and post-timber harvest water quality in low-order streams in the Missouri Ozarks
    Evaluation of prestress losses in an innovative prestressed precast pavement system
    Evaluation of Recommended Sentencing Pilot Program
    Evaluation of Saint Louis Motorist Assist Program [abstract]
    Evaluation of solitary waves as a mechanism for oil transport in elastic porous media: a case study of the south Eugene Island field, Gulf of Mexico basin
    Evaluation of soy hulls as the principal ingredient in a beef cattle receiving ration
    Evaluation of St. Louis Motorist Assist Program [abstract]
    Evaluation of stay-in-place PVC-formed concrete walls for blast design
    Evaluation of steel stud beams for blast resistance [abstract]
    Evaluation of survivin, an inhibitor of apoptosis, in canine urinary bladder tissues
    An evaluation of technical efficiency of small farm households Chuong My district, Ha Tay province, Vietnam
    Evaluation of temporary ramp metering for work zone safety
    Evaluation of tensile and compressive membrane action in isolated slab column specimen
    Evaluation of the Agronomic, Environmental, Economic, and Coexistence Impacts Following the Introduction of GM Canola to Australia (2008-2010)
    Evaluation of the antimicrobial properties and biocompatibility of polypropylene mesh conjugated with gold nanoparticles
    Evaluation of the coat protein of the Tombusviridae as HR elicitor in Nicotiana section
    Evaluation of the effectiveness of freeway traffic management systems using flow-occupancy diagrams and capacity analysis