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    Exploring audience responses to self-reflexivity in television narratives
    Exploring Beginning Latino Farmers and Ranchers' Willingness to Become Involved in Community Activities in Rural Missouri
    Exploring both sides of the immigration issue, through visual communication [abstract]
    Exploring broader roles of the plant immune regulator SRFR1 in plant development and defense
    Exploring changes in college students' attributions after participation in a learning strategies course
    Exploring children's perceptions of places for physical activity through photo-elicitation
    Exploring collaborative culture and leadership in large high schools
    Exploring Double Consciousness within the Hispanic Male Community
    Exploring how female public relations managers in higher-education institutions gain influence
    Exploring individual, family, and community factors predicting business success in Hispanic and Latino experiences
    Exploring international student academic engagement using the NSSE framework
    Exploring ion channel mechanisms : from toxin-based tools to computational methods
    Exploring Kenyan women university students' everyday interactions with information
    Exploring Learning Experience in Textile and Apparel Management: Study Abroad in El Salvador
    Exploring logic foundations of quantum mechanics: laboratory experiments in an electromagnetically isolated environment [abstract]
    Exploring modifiers in spinal muscular atrophy : the power of AAV9
    Exploring multi-stakeholder perspectives on dimensions of online course quality in higher education
    Exploring news framing in military-oriented newspapers
    Exploring Options for a New Farm Bill
    Exploring park visitor's perceptions of climate change a study in Columbia nature areas, Missouri