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    A novel approach to teaching fluoroscopic neuroanatomy and spine injection skills [1]
    Novel approaches in macroinvertebrate biomonitoring [1]
    Novel Bionanocomposite for orthopedic and dental applications [1]
    A novel biosensing technique to detect calpastatin, a meat tenderness indicator [abstract] [1]
    Novel chemical mechanisms of DNA damage by natural products [1]
    Novel collagen based scaffold to promote tissue regeneration for commercial applications [1]
    Novel compounds to treat urinary tract infection [abstract] [1]
    A novel filler for increased strength of polymer based composites for dental restorations [abstract] [1]
    A novel framework for protein structure prediction [1]
    Novel genetic risk factor for Alzheimer's disease progression [abstract] [1]
    Novel genetic screen for iron homeostasis in Arabidopsis [abstract] [1]
    Novel inhibition mechanism and potent antiviral activity of translocation-deficient reverse transcriptase inhibitors [abstract] [1]
    Novel inhibitors of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV) Targeting the RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase activity of 3Dpol [abstract] [1]
    Novel macrocyclic compounds as building blocks in supramolecular chemistry [1]
    Novel materials for capturing carbon dioxide at different temperatures [1]
    Novel method for analyzing femur geometry variation [abstract] [1]
    A novel method of face verification based on EM algorithm [1]
    A Novel Method to Monitor Sequential Displacement of Capped Ligands in Gold Nanoparticles [abstract] [1]
    Novel methods for preparation of modified 1-dimensional nanomaterials of titanium dioxide for environmental engineering applications [1]
    Novel methods in mammary gland evaluation [abstract] [1]