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    An exploration of composite language modeling for speech recognition
    An exploration of contingency theory of accommodation : communicating environmental sustainability measures in Norway
    An exploration of factors affecting retention and persistence of undergraduate military veteran students at the University of Missouri
    An exploration of Indiana's English language learner language programming models
    Exploration of plus size women's apparel satisfaction, non-wear, and discard
    An exploration of self-determination theory in individual track and field Olympic medalists from the United States of America at the 2012 London Games
    Exploration of supercritical water gasification of biomass using batch reactor
    The exploration of the "Flutie factor" and philanthropic contributions to NCAA Divsion II football championship institutions from 1997-2010
    Exploration of the contentious relationship between increased work engagement and service worker well-being
    An exploration of the elements in music [abstract]
    An exploration of the familial risk profiles of kindergarten students and later academic and behavior problems
    An exploration of the knowledge high school guidance counselors in Missouri have as they assist undocumented students trying to gain access to college
    An exploration of the moderating impact of mentorship on the relationship between Christian religious orientation and moral reasoning
    An exploration of the relationship between leadership styles and school culture in a small rural southeast Missouri school district
    Exploration of the unique firm resources described by Indian apparel export firms for their competitive advantages
    Explorations in Diversity Series;1
    Explorations of geometric combinatorics in vector spaces over finite fields
    Explorative analysis of two collegiate basketball players and a narrative analysis of post-game comments
    An exploratory and descriptive inquiry into the relationship between the goals of general education and disciplinary content in acting for non-majors courses in colleges and universities in the United States
    An exploratory cross-sectional survey study of elementary teachers' conceptions and methods of STEM integration