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    Experimentally exploring how the awareness of existential freedom influences support for autocratic leadership styles among individuals high and low in neuroticism
    Experimenting with audience interaction: television news efforts to invite audiences into the broadcast
    Experimenting with new strategies to run a media startup
    Experiments in chick feeding, 1947-1952
    Experiments in cleaning soiled eggs for storage
    Experiments in cooking poultry for pre-cooked poultry products : cooking fowl with various salts and in plastic containers
    Experiments in corn growing
    Experiments in field plot technic for the preliminary determination of comparative yields in the small grains
    Experiments in the application of pragmatic principles to the teaching of English composition
    Experiments on seed germination, pea weevil and apples
    Experiments on sunflower seed oil
    Experiments on the extraction and recovery of radium from typical American carnotite ores : including contributions to methods of measuring radium
    Experiments with farm crops in southwest Missouri
    Experiments with silos and silage
    Expertise development in musicians : the roles of deliberate play and deliberate practice
    Expertise, Trust, and Communication about Food Biotechnology
    Explaining Cold Fusion
    Explaining consumers' channel-switching behavior using the theory of planned behavior
    Explaining Public Attitudes on State Legislative Professionalism
    Explaining the Relations Between Acculturative Stress and Prosocial Behaviors in Latino Youth from the Midwest