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    Facilitating emerging applications on many-core processors
    Facilitating Innovation in Agricultural Biotechnology: An Examination of the Ag-West Biotech Model, 1989-2004
    Facilitating large data sharing in collaborative environment using Dropoff
    Facilitating the development of elementary prospective teachers' pedagogical content knowledge: a case study of a mathematics teacher educator's actions and purposes
    Facilities and resources of the University library for graduate work
    Facilities and resources of the university library for graduate work
    Facilities for handling eggs for commercial producers or small dealers
    Fact or Facebook: digital media literacy and digital natives
    Fact to fiction: how the Tuatha de Danaan of history became the fairies of contemporary fantasy
    A factor structure with means confirmatory factor analytic approach to multitrait-multimethod models
    Factors affecting abundance, physiology, and fine-scale genetic differentiation of the western slimy salamander (Plethodon albagula)
    Factors affecting costs for alternative meat distribution systems
    Factors affecting demand for Missouri-produced feeder pigs
    Factors affecting farm land values in Missouri : from an appraisal viewpoint
    Factors affecting growth of the conceptus in lactating dairy cows and non-lactating dairy heifers
    Factors affecting growth, feed efficiency and carcass in swine
    Factors Affecting Italian Consumer Attitudes Toward Functional Foods
    Factors affecting length of gestation period in dairy cattle
    Factors affecting long-term counts of drumming ruffed grouse in Missouri [abstract]
    Factors affecting Longissimus dorsi and subcutaneous fat measurements and indices of beef carcass cut-out