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    Insect-resistant crops through genetic engineering
    Insect/mite identification form
    Insects: It’s what’s for Dinner?
    Inside and outside views of China's migrant children
    Inside Missouri Business: Final Report
    Insiders' Views on Business Models Used by Small Agricultural Biotechnology Firms: Economic Implications for the Emerging Global Industry
    Insidious role of complacency in business-to-business relationships
    Insights into phototropic signaling: a study of the unusual attributes of a hyper-phototropic mutant
    Insights into the first three diverging diamond interchanges in Missouri
    Insights into understanding malaria parasite biology: characterization of the Plasmodium protein, MAL13P1.319
    Instantaneous Geo-Location of Multiple Targets From Monocular Airborne Video
    Institutional Effects of Term Limits In Missouri1
    Institutional effects on grain producer price-risk management behavior: a comparative study across the United States and South Africa
    Institutional influences affecting the college-going decisions of low-income mothers attending a rural midwestern community college
    The institutionalization of FERPA policy : an inquiry of the implementation, communication and knowledge creation processes at a Midwest HBCU
    Institutions and instability?: a neo-institutional analysis of state economic volatility
    Institutions and issues: explaining radical right party existence and support in Europe, 1980-2005
    Instructional decisions guided by student performance: the case of an exemplary elementary science teacher
    Instructional designers' experience in online course migration for virtual school K-12 students: an interpretative phenomenological case study