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    L'Auguste Autrichienne : representations of Marie-Antoinette in 19th century French literature and history
    l'Ecorce grossiere, l'ame aristocrate : literary representations of Cajuns in Francophone Louisiana, nineteenth century to present
    L-NAME treatment in pigs
    La fratricida por amor: A Sixteenth-Century Spanish Ballad in the Modern Oral Tradition
    La representación de la literatura indigenista e indígena en dos obras Colombianas: José Tombé de Diego Castrillón Arboleda y En Defensa de mi Raza de Manuel Quintín Lame.
    La Voz : Latinos engaging for family and community advocacy : process and development framework
    Lab to market
    Labeling and purification studies on cancer targeting DOTA-TATE labeled with radiolanthanides
    Labeling Genetically Engineered Food: The Consumer's Right to Know?
    Labeling Genetically Modified Foods: How Do US Consumers Want to See It Done?
    Labeling GM food in India: anticipating the effects on GM brinjal and rice marketing chains
    Labeling HIV-1 nucleic acids during infection and effect of MOV10 in HBV replication
    The Labeling of GM Foods-The Link Between Codex and the WTO
    Labeling policy for GMOs: to each his own?
    A labor allocation model for zone order picking systems
    The labor of action for the operation of truth: the phenomenology and dramatic Platonism of Meisner technique as refined and extended by William Esper
    The labor required and its distribution in Missouri farm crop production
    Labor requirements of beef cows
    Labor union communication: effect of labor media on local union vote choice