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    H2 blockers are as effective as PPIs for long-term relief of nonulcer dyspepsia
    Habitat and landscape characteristics that influence population density and behavior of gray squirrels in urban area
    Habitat and management effects on foraging activity of Indiana bats (Myotis sodalis) in northern Missouri
    Habitat associations of birds of prey in urban business parks
    A habitat model to predict deer-vehicle accidents in Columbia, Missouri
    Habitat selection of brown-headed nuthatches at multiple spatial scales
    Habitat selection, movement, and home range of largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) following a habitat enhancement project in Table Rock Lake, Missouri
    Habitat use and home range of American bitterns (Botuarus lentiginosus) and monitoring of inconspicuous marsh birds in northwest Minnesota
    Habitual postures of the Medio Period Casas Grandes People : a comparison of visual representations and skeletal markers
    Habitual subsistence practices among prehistoric Andean populations: fishers and farmers
    Hahn's embedding theorem for orders and harmonic analysis on groups with ordered duals
    Hair Loss in Women
    Halau Hula O Missouri: Hawaiian Hula and Lei-making in Missouri
    Haltering and Tying Horses
    Hamilton R. Gamble and the provisional government of Missouri
    The Hancock Amendment: Missouri's Tax Limitation Measure
    Handed Down: Twenty Year of Missouri's Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program
    "A Handful of Dinky": African American Storytelling in Missouri
    Handful of Popular Maxims
    Hannibal, MO: “America’s Hometown” Amidst Fictional Landscape