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    K-12 Mathematics: What Should Students Learn and When Should They Learn it? [1]
    K-12 Public School Finance in Missouri: An Overview [1]
    Kalman Filter Design for Real-Time Estimation of Modal Parameters and Cutting Force Coefficients for Determining the Dynamic Stability of High-Speed Low-Radial-Immersion Milling Processes [1]
    Kalpalatāvivekaḥ : Ajñātakartr̥kaḥ [1]
    Kansas City Metro Hunger Atlas 2010 [1]
    Kansas City public schools policy 4.9-personnel standards: recruiting and hiring the most effective teachers [1]
    Karen Russell, Reading [1]
    Katrina's Other Disaster: Examining Second Disaster Literature and placing post-Katrina New Orleans [1]
    Keeping control: relations between men's gender role conflict, spirituality and psychological well being [1]
    Keeping up with Missouri's Growing LEP Population [1]
    A Kernel-Based Spectral Model for Non-Gaussian Spatio-Temporal Processes [1]
    Keynote [1]
    KidSkills: Teaching the Strategies and Software to Students [1]
    KidTools Support System: Design and Formative Evaluation - An Iterative Process [1]
    Kin and community: tradition maintenance and the economic self-sufficiency of refugees in a Midwestern town [1]
    Kindergarten nutrition education newsletter [3]
    Kinematic, dynamic and accuracy reliability analysis of 6 degree-of-freedom robotic arm [1]
    Kinematic, dynamic and accuracy reliablity analysis of 6 degree-of-freedom robotic arm [1]
    "Kiss today goodbye, and point me toward tomorrow": reviving the time-bound musical, 1968-1975 [1]
    Knowledge and behavior change in children within the University of Missouri Extension Family Nutrition Program [1]