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    T cells from immunological memory to autoimmune disease [1]
    T.W. Schultz and the Human-Capital Approach to Entrepreneurship [1]
    Tables for Weights and Measurement: Crops [1]
    Tachycardia algorithm [1]
    Tainted gift?: harmful effects of a bad profit company's corporate social responsibility activity on the associated good nonprofit organization's future [1]
    The Taiwan (Architectural) Miracle [1]
    Taiwan old age allowance policy: Effects on saving and consumption [1]
    Taking Control of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) [1]
    Taking grievance seriously: public goods provision and the incidence of civil violence [1]
    Taking Root: The Route of the Broadcast Journalism Curriculum at the Missouri School of Journalism [1]
    Taking technology from concept to commercialization [1]
    Taking the good with the bad: adolescent sibling relationship processes and their associations with perceived sibling support, self-worth, and body evaluations [1]
    Taking tickets [1]
    Takotsubo cardiomyopathy [1]
    The tale of "Two Voices": an oral history of women communicators from Mississippi Freedom Summer 1964 and a new black feminist concept [1]
    A tale of two horses: origins and population genetics of two feral horse herds [1]
    A Tale of Two Mergers: What We Can Learn from Agricultural Biotechnology Event Studies [1]
    A tale of two multinationals: the BP and Greenpeace "Go green" conflict in an era of green crisis [1]
    Talking beyond the text: identifying and fostering critical talk in a middle school classroom [1]
    Talking turkey: visual media and the unraveling of Thanksgiving [1]