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    Validation of X-Ray Fluorescence-Measured Swine Femur Lead Against Atomic Absorption Spectrometry [1]
    Valley of Industry: developing a regional economy in the post Jefferson's Embargo Ohio Valley [1]
    The Value of a New Biotechnology Considering R&D Investment and Regulatory Issues [1]
    Value of Beef Performance Records [1]
    Values of Arithmetical Functions Equal to a Sum of Two Squares [1]
    Variation and fractionation of lithium isotopes within single tourmaline crystals in the pegmatites of the Black Hills, SD [1]
    Variation in the Carbohydrate and Diastase Contents of the Tissues After Feeding [1]
    Varietal Resistance of Oats to Puccinia Coronifera [1]
    Vascular actions of insulin in cardiometabolic disease : effects of metformin, physical activity, and intrinsic aerobic fitness [1]
    Vascular smooth muscle calcium waves in isolated arterioles : interactions between intraluminal pressure and intracellular calcium handling [1]
    Vector GIS [2]
    A vector treatment of the projective properties of plane curves [1]
    Vegetative Filters for Dairy Waste [1]
    Vehicle license plate detection and recognition [1]
    Ventilation for Warm Confinement Livestock Buildings [1]
    Verifications of LENR Observations in Nickel-Copper Alloy (Constantan) and Hydrogen Experiments [1]
    Verifying risk-based inspection intervals based on historical records and statistical analysis of bridge files [1]
    Vernon County Census Tract & Voting District Maps [1]
    Vertical Dams and Trapdoor Tanks for Dairy Flushing [1]
    A very special place in life : the history of juvenile justice in Missouri [1]