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    X band Class-E amplifier design [1]
    X-ray and optical systems for pulsed power and plasma science experiments [abstract] [1]
    X-Ray and Radio Interactions in the Cores of Cooling Flow Clusters [1]
    X-ray diffraction studies on the Pb/Si(111) system [1]
    The X-Ray Luminosity Function of Nearby Rich and Poor Clusters of Galaxies:A Cosmological Probe [1]
    X-ray scattering from rotational disorder in epitaxial films: An unconventional mosaic crystal [1]
    X-ray topography techniques for the analysis of laser irradiated silicon [1]
    X-ray-diffraction and scanning-tunneling-microscopy studies of a liquid-crystal film adsorbed on single-crystal graphite [1]
    D'yakonov-Perel' spin relaxation for degenerate electrons in the electron-hole liquid [1]
    Yeast 2-hybrid screening for proteins that recognize ACS6 C-terminus which is essential for ACS6 stability regulation [abstract] [1]
    Yeast two-hybrid screen of PGAM5 [abstract] [1]
    Yeoman justice : [1]
    Yersinia pestis YopK contributes to immune evasion and cell death to promote plague [1]
    Yields, Insecticide Productivity, and Bt Corn: Evidence from Damage Abatement Models in the Philippines [1]
    "You gotta man up and take care of it": masculinity, responsibility, and teen fatherhood [1]
    You'll Never Get Ireland in American: Irish Traditional Music and Dance in St. Louis, Missouri [1]
    Young adult novels and their film adaptations [1]
    Young blood: persuading young people to give blood by applying concepts of self-perception and social norms theories to recruitment ads [1]
    Young children at-risk for externalizing behavior problems: examination of behavior change utilizing universal positive behavior support strategies [1]
    Young Jordanian university students' perceptions of the U.S. geopolitical presence in the Middle East [1]