• Diving for PURLs (May 2013) 

    Mounsey, Anne L.; Rowland, Kate; Jones, Kohar; Skowronek, Irene; Kaiseruddin, Altaf (Family Physicians Inquiries Network, 2013-05)
    You may already be familiar with the Priority Updates from the Research Literature (PURLs) from the Family Physicians Inquiries Network (FPIN). In the PURLs series, we attempt to select and summarize all new research studies ...
  • Exercise related transient abdominal pain (ETAP) 

    Buzolich, Shari; Gentry, Chance (Family Physicians Inquiries Network, 2008-10)
    This issue of eMedRef provides information to clinicians on the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and therapeutics of exercise related transient abdominal pain.
  • Should you test for H pylori in patients with nonulcer dyspepsia? 

    Lanier, J. Brian; Wilder, Laura (Family Physicians Inquiries Network, 2011-12)
    Helicobacter pylori in creases the risk of developing peptic ulcer disease (strength of recommendation [SOR]: B, cohort study), but there is no evidence that treating H pylori reduces that risk. Treating H pylori in patients ...