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  • The cost of milk production 

    Keeney, Mark Hawkins (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1917)
    This condition of milk prices has lead to considerable unrest in the dairy industry. State and federal experts have studied the problem, and extension and country agricultural workers, city chambers of commerce, special ...
  • The energy requirements for the normal growth of dairy heifers 

    Dice, James R. (James Renfrew), 1900- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1919)
    Text from introduction: "There are at least two reasons why more definite knowledge of the energy requirements of growing cattle are desirable. First, the energy requirement of the animal is known to be high and because ...
  • Factors affecting the growth of dairy animals 

    Swett, Walter Whittier (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1916)
    Text from introduction: All successful breeders are continually striving to improve the quality of their herds. The value of any dairy herd is determined to a great extent by the way in which the heifers within that herd ...
  • Milk substitutes, powdered skimmilk for raising calves 

    Wing, Leon Walton (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1917)
    Text from introduction: This thesis is a discussion, from the standpoint of our present knowledge of the fundamental principles of animal nutrition, of the possibility of raising calves on "milk substitutes". The experimental ...
  • The minimum protein requirement for growing dairy heifers 

    Fine, Solomon (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1918)
    Text from page 1: "By minimum protein requirements of growing dairy heifers is meant the least quantity of protein in the ration which will allow normal growth to proceed. A study or investigation leading to a knowledge ...
  • The pure milk problem of the small town. A survey and movement for improving the milk supply of St. Charles, MO. 

    Werner, Percy, Jr. (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1917)
    Text from page 9: There is need for considerable study of the exact importance of the milk problem of the small town and of the proper means of remedying bad conditions. In this work the agricultural colleges should be of ...
  • The use of silage to counteract the effect of cottonseed meal on the composition and market qualities of butter 

    Crockett, Dura Prescott (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1917)
    Text from page 58: In general, this experiment shows that very slight effects on the composition of butter result from feeding cottonseed meal with a liberal ration of silage; and that larger changes in the fat constants ...
  • Winter rations for dairy heifers 

    Wylie, Charles Elmer (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1916)
    Text from introduction: The experiment stationre ports show that it costs $70 to raise a heifer to two years old, and that 70 percent of this cost is for feed. The greater portion of this c ost is for feed when the animals ...
  • Winter rations for dairy heifers 

    Dawson, J. R. (James Robert), 1894- (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1918)
    "Comparatively little experimental data are as yet available concerning these problems of raising heifers. The purpose of the author in conducting the experiments reported in this thesis was to add to the data now available ...
  • Winter rations for dairy heifers 

    Maughan, Merrill Owen (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1917)
    The special object of these experiments is to compare the efficiency and economy of rations which are conducive to rapid growth with rations of such character as to admit of but limited growth.