• Anatomy of Ascidia viridis u. sp. 

    Hill, Homer Allin (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1902)
    All the observations for this description were made from specimens preserved either in formalin or picro-formalin. The formalin specimens, which were left in the test, were found to be in the best condition. Those preserved ...
  • Development of the glochidium into the miniature mussel 

    Fitch, Mary (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1906)
    This thesis provides a detailed description of the structure of Glochidium and traces its development into mature mussels.
  • A histological study of the marsupium of the unionidae 

    Carter, J. Lee (Jesse Lee) (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1912)
    In connection with the extensive investigation of the Unionidae which has been conducted by the Bureau of Fisheries for the past four years, with a view to determining the feasibility of artificial propagation of the mussel ...
  • Relation of the glochidium of fresh-water mussels to the tissues of the host 

    Young, Daisy (University of Missouri--Columbia, 1909)
    The present study, which has been made in connection with the investigations now being carried on at the University of Missouri for the U. S. Bureau of Fisheries on the artificial propagation of fresh water mussels, was ...